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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. This collection includes: Teased, Sinfully Mine, Hypnotized & Fixation.


From the moment he lays eyes on Victoria Marchell Sir Robin Steed has wanted the tall brunette, whose luscious body is just as arousing to him as her sweet, naturally submissive nature. Working with her at Bellacourt also makes him aware of how talented she is with restoration design, and how much she deserves to take on the interior renovation. When Victoria finds the mansion's hidden D/s room, Robin seizes the opportunity to seduce his beautiful assistant, who responds to his domination with gratifying eagerness. 

The mysterious room brings her pleasures only her darkest desires could imagine and as she begins to be pushed closer and closer to the edge, will she learn to hold on, or let go?

Sinfully Mine:

Willow Navaro enjoys a quiet job as the evening desk clerk at the exclusive St. Charles hotel. Working nights makes having a social life almost impossible for her, but jobs are scarce and she needs the money to save up for her dream of one day having her own art studio. She also daydreams a little about the hotel’s most gorgeous regular guest, Colin Bond, who is one of the most successful and provocative fine art photographers in the country. 

The biggest downside to Willow’s job is working with the hotel’s manager, David Briggs, a lecherous drunk who can’t seem to get the message that she’s just not interested. When things escalate into sexual assault, Willow finds herself in real danger…only to be rescued by none other than Colin Bond and a kiss that sets them both on fire.

But will Willow’s sexual fantasy be turned on its head when her boss, Briggs tries to make her his slave in the worst way possible? 

Will Colin Bond be able to save her a second time around? 


Ariana Wilson’s fiancé ran off with his high school sweetheart, leaving her alone in a strange town with no money, no job, and no home. Desperate work, she applies as a cook for a ranch.

Cody Carrington has a rule: No single, pretty women are to be employed on his ranch. They always cause to much trouble. One look at Ariana screams trouble with a capital T. But trouble is to be his middle name. He learns his fiancée ran off with hers, leaving him in a desperate bind. Per his grandfather’s will, he has to be married by his 30th birthday or he loses the ranch to his conniving cousin who wants to sell the land to developers. He has three weeks to find another wife. And Ariana just might fit the bill. He just has to convince her to stay as his cook, but more importantly, his wife. 

Can the pair overcome their shared history to make a connection and fulfil each others desires?


Beth Daryl is the boss…at least technically. Lately, it seems like her new assistant, Rick Laurie, has taken over control. Ever since he started personally training her at the gym after hours, he’s started training and controlling her in the office too. But secretly, Beth longs for even more. Rick is hot, and it’s been a long time since she’s been satisfied by a man. She can’t help the fantasies that overtake her: fantasies that she is far too embarrassed to ever share.

But when a slip of the tongue leads to an intimate confession, Beth finds all her fantasies coming to life. Soon she is submitting to Rick in the bedroom, and finding the heights of sexual bliss. But she knows she’s breaking all the rules: workplace relationships never end well, and she is Rick’s boss. They agree to keep their relationship strictly sexual. But is it ever possible to keep emotions out of the question? 

And does Rick have a secret of his own, one that threatens to end it all?

September 27
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Tamara Lewis051917 ,


The four books were good but I would’ve preferred all four of the books relating too one another. Epilogues at the end of all of them so I could’ve known what really happen with the characters in each book.

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