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A two-part sci-fi soap opera with a romantic twist, Lucky Star tracks the adventures of Ariel De Winter as she wakes up in the future, 400 years from her own time, to the sight of one incredibly handsome space marine and a massive war that is about to engulf the entire galaxy.


Ariel doesn't belong in this time. She belongs in a world of call centres, cats, and lonely nights spent in front of the TV watching dull documentaries.

Then the world ends. Hundreds of years later, she wakes up to a view of shiny boots, one very handsome man, and a future that doesn't want her. That's fine by Ariel; she doesn't want the future either. But then the future finds a use for her – one that involves far more running, dodging, saving, and hanging out with hot space marines than her old life involved. Oh, and malevolent plots to use her new-found abilities to end a 100-year galactic war.

Soon it is up to Ariel to save the future she never wanted, and it's up to her hot space marine to show her that the future can't be all that bad, as long as you have someone to spend it with.

(Please note, Lucky Star Episodes One and Two were previously published as a single title - Lucky Star)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 23
Odette C. Bell
Gabrielle Sauvage

Customer Reviews

c12holly ,

Lucky star book 1

This book was great, but it’s really short. Like the book was split into two books when it should only be one. Book 2 is $2.99 that is to high a price for the length of story you’ll get if it was $.99 then I would purchase it.

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