Ludlow Hall Romances Volume 1

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Each book is a standalone story. The Ludlow Hall Series by CC Mackenzie has become a beloved romance series by readers around the world. Read the first three books in the series: Reckless Nights In Rome, A Stormy Spring, Run Rosie Run, PLUS a special Ludlow Christmas romance - A Film Star, a Baby and A Proposal in this special offering.

Book 1: Reckless Nights In Rome (Nico & Bronte) 

He's wealthy, devastatingly handsome, Italian, and ruthless, but one woman is refusing to give in to his demands...

Nico Ferranti is used to possessing his heart's desire. Except he shouldn't desire his best friend's sister. Bronte Ludlow is a blue blood and he's a street-rat made good. She deserves better than one night of pleasure, and that's all he's prepared to offer any woman, until Bronte's brother is badly hurt in a car accident in Rome. When Nico whisks her away to the Eternal City, it leads to the most intimate night of his life.

Good girl falls for the bad boy. It's a torrid tale that seldom ends in a happy ending. But Bronte knows Nico is worth fighting for and takes matters into her own hands. Regardless of how he views himself, the man she knows is kind, brave and a loyal friend. But as past lies and present-day secrets collide, they are both about to learn there are consequences to a reckless night neither can escape...

Book 2: A Stormy Spring (Lucas & Becca)

She didn't want love. She wanted to forget.

Becca Wainwright doesn't care about fame or celebrity. All that matters to her is her art and how alive she feels when she creates...

Spanish playboy, Lucas Del Garda, is the stop-your-heart gorgeous Spanish tycoon steeped in celebrity, wealth and power and he's determined to sign Becca to his public relations agency. They say opposite's attract... but after a night of a lust so hot it strips a mattress bare, they find their lives altered for ever...

Book 3: Run Rosie Run (Alexander & Rosie)

Best friends to lovers. Secrets. Lies.

Meet Rosie Gordon, the wise-cracking pastry chef who's worked hard her whole life to be successful. Now the wedding cake business she runs with best friend Bronte is winning national awards, life should be perfect.

But Rosie has a deep, dark and very naughty secret.

And the steadily bubbling chemistry with Bronte's gorgeous brother, Alexander Ludlow, has suddenly become way too hot to ignore...

Book 4: A Film Star, A Baby, and A Proposal. (Mathias & Eve)

Spend Christmas at Ludlow Hall.

It's the time of year for friends and families, love and laughter... and romance. All burned-out film star Mathias Carter wants for Christmas is peace and a quiet place to brood on the disaster of his love-life. But when that disaster, in the shape of Eve Langan arrives on his doorstep, Matt finds one kiss rocks his world... and now he has a fight on his hands to convince Eve he's the man of her dreams.

With six other Ludlow Hall stories available in the series there is more to come from Ludlow Hall!

The Ludlow Hall Series

Book 1: Reckless Nights In Rome (Nico & Bronte)

Book 2: A Stormy Spring (Lucas & Becca)

Book 3: Run Rosie Run (Alexander & Rosie)

Book 4: The Trouble With Coco Monroe (Rafael & Coco)

Book 5: The Fall of Jacob Del Garda (Jacob & Gabriella)

Book 6:  A Film Star, A Baby and A Proposal (Mathias & Eve)

Book 7: A Daddy For Daisy (Josh & Janine)

Book 8: Delicious And Deadly (Oscar & Emma)

Book 9: An Affair To Remember (Mark & Elena)

Book 10: SEAN (Sean & Katherine)

December 8
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white lolita ,

Ludlow Hall Romance Volume 1

This was a collection of stories on the whole the stories were good.
For a min I thought I had a new Author I was going to enjoy her books but now not so much . She puts a view to much like Harlequin romance novels, and the opinion on abortion notice all the women in her stories who get pregnant are all pregnant by men who want to be with them also who are wealthy also, the women in their own right have it going on . Here we go again with another author who makes it seem like women are just out there having abortions just to be having an abortion and let me show you why the woman in my stories decide not to have an abortion. It’s annoying.

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