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All Eight "Luxury Nights" Books. Standalone books with secrets from the hit "Kimmy" Stories. The 6 book "Kimmy" Box Set is also available.

Book 1--
Lorelei is a rare beauty who is unlucky in love. Instead of dating her many male admirers, she spends her nights in her small apartment talking to her cat.

As her financial situation sinks into desperation, she meets a mysterious man who promises her the fastest, easiest money she'll ever make.

All she has to do is be the hot fantasy escort of the most eligible bachelor in Houston. A pro football player with looks, a great body, and money.

Will Lorelei lose herself in the exciting company of a man she previously could only dream about?

Book 2--
Cassidy Moone was overworked, underpaid and trapped in life. Until the moment she laid on eyes on gorgeous military hunk Patrick Brisco. 

She longed for the touch of a real man and the escape of passion. Will she let down her walls of total devotion to her family and future to fulfill the fantasies she imagines when she thinks of a rugged military bad boy?

Book 3--
Jacqueline Oster was hot for her gorgeous young Economics Professor Peter Brodsky. She knew it wasn't right, but she had to be near him. Wearing a small revealing outfit she went to his office.

What happened next changed her life. A beautiful but inexperienced coed experiencing the excitement of becoming  a hot, sexy woman.

Book 4--
Teanna Yardiere was blessed with the beauty of Halle Berry and talent most would only dream of. But it wasn't enough. To reach her goals, Teanna would do whatever it took. 

But all her secrecy and plans threatened to unravel when she caught the eye of Ben Watson, hip hop mega billionaire and notorious playboy.  

Can she resist the pull of his fantastic looks, power,  and animal desires long enough to keep her dreams alive? 

Book 5--
Kelly Langford was the most beautiful upscale companion at "Luxury Nights" Southern California. But as she entered her mid-twenties, she began to feel threatened by the younger new girls. 

Desperate to settle down and get out of the business, she pushes her millionaire client turned boyfriend (an entertainment lawyer) for a commitment. 

Later that day a chance meeting with an innocent, boyish college freshman turned her world upside down. Brian was young, hot, and their chemistry was obvious. 

Can Kelly resist the temptation of reckless desire long enough to make things work with her rich boyfriend?

Book 6--
Maddy Terrell was ready to give up her addiction to partying and bad boys for something more stable. Tom was a cute and nice guy with a bright future who wasn't making her feel anything on their dates. 

Too bored to keep going, Maddy arrives home from their last date dreaming of a bad boy surfer who she saw earlier that night. 

Will passion and her bad girl side prevail over what she tells herself she should want?

Book 7--
Cassara Chatman was willing to do whatever it took to help family members in need. Including providing pleasure for money to older, rich and famous men.

Telfer Reynolds was the hottest stud in MMA and the sports' biggest celebrity. He took one look at Cassara's profile for "Luxury Nights" and won the bidding war to have her for a night. 

Together they spend an evening neither of them can forget.  

Can they let go of the fantasy from a night of paid pleasure, and move on with their lives? Or was the chemistry too powerful for them to let go?

Fiction & Literature
June 30
John Handy
Draft2Digital, LLC

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