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Years before the birth of the “chosen one” war raged onward in the region of men.  The world of the Kingdom introduced by New York Times best selling author EJ Samuwel in the Knights of Betha: Volume 1 The Beast Master was groundbreaking.  In the Kingdom lies the region of men.  In the region of men there are zones and within those zones are territories.  Kings of various houses fight to defend the names of their dynasties within the zones from being extinguished and lost to history forever.

Terrible creatures of legend threaten to annihilate all life within the region of men a full generation before the birth of the chosen one, Betha.  The blood thirsty beasts called  lycans are dangerous to all the inhabitants of the Kingdom.  Lycanthropy is a curse yet no man of the region knows its origin nor how to break it. Kananai (The Mother of all Lycans), hunts for a worthy heir.  Alejandro Ibraheem is bitten and turned on the night of the full moon. Little does she know that her over reaching ambition may have sealed her fate forever due to a supernatural power watching over him.

This heart-pounding fantasy thriller entitled The Knights of Betha: Lycanthropy Dilemma is a prelude to Volume 1 - The Beast Master.  It is included as a prologue within the second volume of the Knights of Betha series. It is a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can anyone survive the night of the full moon?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 23
EJ Samuwel LLC
EJ Samuwel LLC

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