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Half the Page is a Stage™ with The WordPlay™ Shakespeare Series. This revolutionary eBook gives reader/viewers a new way to learn and love Shakespeare.

On the left page, you see Shakespeare’s text. On the right page - you see a professional filmed performance of the play. Not just short clips - the whole play.

Now teachers, students, and life long learners can finally see the play, read it, understand it - and enjoy it!

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September 1
The New Book Press, LLC
The New Book Press, LLC
Grades 8-16

Customer Reviews

Manhattan Theater Lover ,

The Best!

I've been looking for a Shakespeare version that helps me understand what is going on -and here it is. The actors are phenomenal, the language is ] clear as a bell, and so for that matter is the entire play. Yes, I know the basic ideas behind Macbeth - Scotland, long ago, bad things happen, everyone dies - but the subtleties of the language really come out in this version - at last I'm beginning to see what all the fuss is about about! Very clever way to present Shakespeare, and bravo to the actors. Will would be proud!

Shakespeare Parent ,

Value for Money

I got the whole original play, the whole modern translation, the film of the play (with all the actors on this cool white background so it looks like they're walking around on the pages!) note taking, highlighting, flash card practices, twitter and Facebook available inside - this is all awesome, and it gets better - I ended up understanding the play, Want to see it in the theater mow. Could you do Romeo and Juliet maybe?

Sjdjfns ,

i love this

A book and a trip to the theater all in one. This redefines what a book is … and I loved being able to read the text and hear (and watch) a performance at the same time. I bought this for my son, an 8th grader, but he'll need to wait until I'm done. I'm hooked!

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