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The macOS High Sierra: Up To Speed guide helps you to get up and running quickly with Apple's latest operating system.  This handy step-by-step guide is written from scratch, starting with basic macOS topics and moving on to more advanced features of the operating system, designed to help you to become more productive more quickly.   Though comprehensive, the information in this book is presented in a clear, concise manner with screenshots providing helpful visual guidance all along the way.

In no time at all you’ll be navigating High Sierra, setting up and maintaining user accounts, managing files, playing music and video, modifying system preferences, surfing the Web and working with applications like a pro. 

Some of the topics include:

Operating System Basics

Logging On to Your Mac

Understanding the Mac Interface

Using the Mouse & Keyboard

Investigating Menus

Using Shortcut Menus

Using Gestures with a Trackpad

Using the Dock

Using Trash

Getting Help

Shutting Down your Computer

Navigating a Window

Minimizing, Full Screen Zooming and Closing a Window

Moving a Window

Changing the Size of a Window

Displaying the Status Bar

Switching Between Windows

Using Split Window View

Hiding the Finder Toolbar and Sidebar

Using Mission Control

Changing Window Views

Using Quick Look

Using Finder Tabs

A Look at macOS Sierra Disk Organization

Opening Folders and Disks

Using the Go Menu

The Finder Toolbar & the Sidebar

Accessing Recent Folders

Arranging & Sorting the Contents of a Folder

Keeping Folders on Top When Sorting

Browsing the Contents of Folders

Navigating Folder Hierarchy

Using iCloud & iCloud Drive

Optimizing Disk Storage

Store Most Files on iCloud

Empty Trash After 30 Days

Creating a New Folder

Renaming a File or Folder

Copying, Moving & Deleting Files and Folders

Restoring a Deleted File

Emptying the Trash

Using the Info Window

Finding Files using Spotlight

Finding Files from the Finder Window

Using Smart Folders

Searching with Siri

Selecting Multiple Files and Folders

Creating an Alias

Using & Creating Finder Tags

Compressing Files and Folders

Working with Burn Folders

Batch Rename Files

Expand all Finder Subfolders with One Mouse Click

Arranging Finder Window Icons

Setting Dock Properties

Adding & Removing Items to the Dock

Setting System Preferences

Modifying Appearance Preferences

Auto-Hiding the Menu Bar

Changing the Desktop Background

Adding a Screen Saver

Using an External Monitor with a Laptop

Using AirPlay

Adding a Printer

Playing CDs & DVDs

Setting Spotlight Preferences

Setting Mission Control Preferences

Modifying Notification Center Settings

Set a keyboard shortcut to display the Notification Center

Setting View Options & Finder Preferences

Applying and Removing a Custom Icon

Syncing Documents & Desktop to the Cloud

Setting Energy Saver Options

Setting Parental Controls

Creating a User Account

Changing a User Account’s Picture

Switching User Accounts

Changing Your Password

Security & Privacy

Opening Applications and Documents

Opening Items at Login

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text

Formatting Text

Duplicating a Document

Using the Save As Command

Quitting an Application

Forcing an Application to Quit

Installing & Removing Applications

Previewing Fonts with Font Book

Using Automator

Organizing Contacts with the Contacts Application

Organizing Your Schedule with the Calendar Application

Getting Things Done with the Reminders Application

Navigating with Maps

Using the Notes Application

Using Dictation

Working with the Photos App

Managing Applications with Launchpad

Backing Up with Time Machine

Sharing Files with Airdrop

Moving Between Devices with Handoff

Sharing between Devices with the Universal Clipboard

Mac Utilities

Setting up an Internet Connection

Starting Safari

Browsing a Web Page

Adding & Managing Bookmarks

Pinning Frequently Visited Sites

Searching the Internet

Using Apple Pay in Safari

And More....

Computers & Internet
October 24
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Roger Hyttinen

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