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Maximilian"Mad Max" Keegan finds himself in a dangerous and desperate situation. Injured, hunted, he and Juggernaut, his fierce military working dog, are lost deep in the jungle until he's discovered by Dr. Renata Cavalcante, who's there to document Paraguayan treasures at the behest of her mentor, an international, renowned anthropologist. Max isn't used to being the one in need of rescuing, but this take charge beauty is a lifesaver, and the dire situation overrules his macho attitude and hits him right in his heart as they must work together on the run of their lives to escape their enemies. But in the steamy jungle, this feisty woman tempts him beyond his own formidable resolve. Has he met his match?

An American with Brazilian roots, Renata is comfortable in South America, speaking the language and researching lost treasure, but where she is out of her element is dealing with an alpha Navy SEAL and his very protective canine. Luckily, Renata used to be a doctor, and even in this challenging environment, she isn’t going to lose her patients. But Max sorely tests her patience and her resolve to keep herself firmly on track. Save the SEAL and then get back to work before she gives into his good looks and all that muscle to discover the amazing man beneath it all. No controlling alpha males for her. She’d had enough of them growing up and there was no future in wanting what she couldn’t have. Was there?

September 18
Blue Moon Creative
Blue Moon Creative LLC

Customer Reviews

crtl-freak007 ,

Fell flat

It was engaging in the beginning then it just start to drag by around page 300. I started skipping at this point because it was just a lot of nothing. R- wasn’t that interesting, and somehow their biggest conflict about her possibly being a surgeon again was weak. Max was ok. All in all they weren’t that interesting as a couple and I could have passed on this book. Dodger and Anna I’d skip too. Somehow her not hearing him say NO so plainly was a tad disturbing. She’s basically throwing herself at a man that ha expressed no several times because he doesn’t want to blow up his team and “everything he has worked for” and her response is “he’s not the boss of me” referring for max, her brother. Is she deaf? NO MEANS NO.

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