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Ed. T, otherwise known as 'The Mad Scientist', has a plan. Victory city will feel the wraith of his worm hole device and be destroyed to his rather wicked glee.

Things don't work out as planned (they never really do for Ed. T) and he gets thrown into the very worm hole he intended to destroy the city with.

Tumbling through world after world, he finds himself in prehistoric times. Seeing a chance before him, he takes the reins and decides to make this world his kingdom.

Unfortunately, Eva - a powerful female warrior - won't let that happen and a bloody brawl between the tribe and Ed. T begins with deadly consequences and violence that can only be called 'super' in nature.

This is the struggle of one villain and one hero in a world filled with challenges - some that kill. Who will win this time, Hero or Villain? Read on to find out.

# Notes:
- This story is the first in a series that deals with the heroes and villains of Victory City. As it is the first in the series, it is free for your enjoyment. Please look forward to further stories in this series in the very near future.

# Contents:
- Mad Scientist Vs. Tribe (3,500 word story)
- Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story])
- Word Count: 7,200 words
- Page Count: 38 Standard Book Pages

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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mongadillo ,

Oh my

This is the worst book I've ever read in twenty six years

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