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Australia became the first (and so far only) country to make parliamentary apologies for past, harmful adoption practices. The seven chapters in the book are of interest to the public, will resonate with people who have adoption experiences and are undoubtedly relevant for policy makers and practitioners.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA: THE ADOPTION APOLOGIES is Gary Coles' fourth book about the impact of adoption. In addition, he has written over 60 papers and articles about adoption separation. In 2012, Gary was appointed to a Working Group responsible for advising the Australian Prime Minister about the content of the National Apology for Forced Adoptions, the delivery of which is the climax of the events described in this book.

This is what readers have had to say about Gary's other books:

The Invisible Men of Adoption - 'This is a most valuable book, because of the breadth of research and writing it integrates, the clarity of its expression, and the seminal place it will play in helping us all to understand that the fathers of our children, by and large, have suffered as much as we did in losing them ... I would recommend this book not only to fathers, but also to mothers and those adopted, as well as to adoptive parents or social workers who quickly and cruelly dismiss the fathers of our children.' Sandra Falconer Pace, Canadian Council of Natural Mothers.

The Invisible Men of Adoption - 'Easily the best review of adoption I've read to this point and the only one from the viewpoint of the birth father. Should be required reading for anyone connected with adoption professionally or personally.' The Earl on Amazon.com 

'At last a book about birth fathers written by a birth father! In Ever After: Fathers and the Impact of Adoption, Gary Coles has written an honest, articulate account of the experience of surrender and adoption from a perspective rarely presented.' Nancy Verrier, author of The Primal Wound and Coming Home to Self.

November 28
Gary Coles

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