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From Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson & #1 NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken comes a full length, standalone romantic suspense novel
The tangled web of mafia life.
We grew up together. Me, Eden, my brother Tristian.
He was always the safe bet, the sure thing, the good guy.
And me? Well, I was the Casanova, the killer who flirted with anyone and anything, breaking Eden’s heart again and again.
We both loved her.
Until I gifted her to my brother as if she meant nothing, when she meant everything to me.
Tristian was safer.
Could give her the life I never would be able to.
But things changed.
We changed.
My only goal was to protect her, making her hate me in return. Except once my brother wasn’t standing between us anymore, I decided…
It was my turn to claim what had always been MINE to begin with.

Full length Standalone Romantic Suspense Novel

November 17
Pillowtalk Publishing
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Customer Reviews

VictoriaCaroline12 ,


I am a Rachel Van Dyken junkie, I’ve read all her books and while I wait for more to come out and I read some of my favorite mafia live stories again. This book was amazing, I LOVED that it tied in characters from her other books. She writes mafia romance like no one else and you get so invested in there characters and their stories. This is a must for anyone new to the Mafia series or anyone like me that can’t seem to get enough of her books while we wait for more to come out.

Currychantel ,

Epic romantic suspense

It is hard to come up with words to best describe the collaboration Monica Robinson and Rachel Van Dyken delivered with Mafia Casanova. This book starts out strong and intense and really captures and hooks you in from the very beginning. Take a bow 🙇‍♀️ ladies you deserve an honor for this amazing story.

Romeo and Eden’s story was well worth the anticipation and wait. I was hooked from the very beginning and left wanting more at the end of their story. Their story is full of surprises and twist and turns and you’ll definitely fall in love with Romeo.

Mom's Guilty Pleasure ,

Mafia C A S A N O V A

“The broken pieces of our hearts shattered into a kaleidoscope of black and white when we used to be nothing but bright, blinding color.”

Family. Loyalty. Trust. Respect. Jealousy. Pleasure. Pain. Heartache. Hate. Rejection. Mistakes. Regret. Memories. Fierce.

“He meant everything to me. However, nothing could have saved me from this type of darkness he inflicted in my heart and soul. I was frustrated. Bewildered.”

This book took control of my emotions from the start. My heart was pounding, I had a headache and yet I couldn’t get enough. I was trying to think one step ahead to save my heart from exploding….there is no predicting these two women’s creative wickedness...buckle up and hang on for the ride of your life.

“I’d tasted. I’d bitten. I’d swallowed. I’d sinned. I’d never be saved.”

There are so many twists. Just when you think you are figuring out who is the hero and whose soul is too far gone the rug will be pulled from beneath you.

“Hating him felt good. It was better than feeling… Lost. Forgotten. Forsaken.”

I love the strength and protectiveness Red has. While she is bearing her soul and trying to protect her family she tries to be brave in front of others. While she is actually crumbling on the inside.

“Each nightmare felt more real than the last, making it hard to decipher what was my reality or just an illusion in my own head. “

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this family. Another standalone novel out May 18, 2021! Falling for the Villain Juliet Sinacore’s Story.

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