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1. Introduction

The Mage series is a long running set of short stories that has become one of my most popular works to date. If you would like this as part of a collection of four stories, please search for 'Mage Collection Kenneth Guthrie'. Thanks!


2. Promotional Story Included.

This file also contains the 3,500 word story Treasure Hunter (Pirates Action Adventure Series #1).


3. Description

Sinth has just finished his apprenticeship and has been set free to make his name as a mage. It’s his tenth day of freedom and he’s in a little trouble. Apparently, the frost spell he cast is about to turn him into a human ice block. How does he respond? Summon the king of dragons, of course. Sinth’s worst day on the job is just beginning.


4. Sample Content

The king of dragons had arrived.

It pulled its head through the portal and slowed squeezed its gigantic body through to float in the air above Sinth.

Sinth starred. It had to be as big as a small castle and he could sense the sheer power of it even as it floated above him.

The dragon looked at him immediately. His mind started to shred as the creature absorbed his mind. He lay limp on the iced that covered his chest.

"Interesting, little human. I see your need." The monstrous voice shook the ice he lay on.

He looked up and his eyes went wide. There was a big ball of purple fire forming in the dragon's mouth.

"Ummm... no... please..." he begged.

The fire rained down on him and the ice fell away. He felt a burning heat and his body completely incinerated. Ahhhh.... he screamed in his head.


5. Notes

- Story is about 2,000 words or 23 standard book pages.

- See below for more.

- Fantasy Humor Genre.

- Sinth's life.

- Trapped woman.

- Angry dragon.


6. Series Information

# The Accidental Dragon (1# Short Story)

# The Fire Renewal (2# Short Story)

# The Accidental Dragon and The Fire Renewal (Combined Story Pack)

# The World Untwining (3# Short Story)

# Welcome To The Weird World (4# Short Story)

# The World Untwining and Welcome To The Weird World (Combined Story Pack)

# The Time Guardian (5# Short Story)

# An Unexpected Dinner (Promotional Short Story)

# Taming The Phoenix (#6 Novella)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 9
Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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