Magic and Mayhem Collection Volume 1

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Her Gypsy Lord

A delightful adventure, that is really all that Lady Charlotte Beck craved, but it was never to be. Not with two older brothers being the most diligent of chaperones. However, when her family is summoned to Castle Keyvnor for the reading of a will, Charlotte can hardly contain her excitement. * Lord Adam Vail knows magic, ghosts and evil are very real and when Lady Charlotte dismisses his grandmother's concerns, Adam finds himself protecting her from a very real and murderous ghost. Only one thing can save her from a deadly fate.

His Mistletoe Miss

Anthony Beck, Viscount Redgrave, ever the dutiful son, abides by his mother's requests even when they tend to the ridiculous. There is no other reason, after all, that he would visit a Romani camp to acquire a piece of dead mistletoe. Luckily, he happens upon the one lady he's always wanted to court. Unfortunately, she's in love with her guardian. * Miss Holly Prescott is not in love with her guardian. While attending the Christmas Eve weddings at Castle Keyvnor, Holly did not expect to find enjoyment. That is, until she stumbles upon the handsome and oh-so-honorable Lord Redgrave.

A Spirited Courtship

Miss Diana Vail had thought she'd found love, but James Bryant, the Earl of Somerton, had only been toying with her affections. Thankfully, her reputation had been saved, though it left her wondering if she could ever trust her heart again. * James Bryant had once professed: If Noah could become a father at the age of five hundred, then I can surely wait to begin producing offspring until age forty. Those were words he'd successfully lived by until Miss Diana Vail stepped into a ballroom. With his vow quickly forgotten, James set out to court the most captivating woman he'd ever met. Then, without explanation, she set him aside. * However, three ghosts have different plans for Diana and James.

The Ghost & Miss Miranda

Miss Miranda Vail had set her cap on Wesley Claxton, Marquess Epworth during her first Season, even though he considered her feather-brained for believing in ghosts. However, she hadn't let his opinion deter her and the two became grand friends, though Miranda secretly wished for more. * Miranda's quirkiness captured Wesley's passion, and heart, despite himself. He was, after all, a reasonable gentleman of logic, and could not accept the existence of ghosts. It simply wasn't scientific. Unfortunately, his denial of the possibility might just cost Miranda her life.

May 17
Jane Charles
Draft2Digital, LLC

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