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How to Make Your Own Magical Oil and Powder Blends

If you’ve ever purchased magical blends you know how wonderful they can smell and how they can powerfully enhance your rituals and spells. Although you can buy blends in shops, it’s a great idea to learn to create your own. This allows you to add your own energy to a blend, as well as lower the cost to you. You can also make blends that are not easily available.

Knowing how to make popular and famous blends will allow you to sell then for profit to a shop, or even from your home to friends or online.

This book gives formulas and uses for over 120 different blends. Famous ones such as van van oil, war water, crown of success oil, black arts oil, black destroyer oil, bat’s blood ink, goofer dust, florida water, 9 african power oil, shut the f up, dark arts protection oil, dragon’s blood ink, and more are included.

Inside Magical Blends You Will Discover:
•A list for herbs to use for exorcism, love, peace, prosperity, protection, and purification spells.
•34 Blends with specific uses all categorized, such as protection blends, court case blends, moon blends, prosperity blends, uncrossing blends, hex and curse breaking blends, and more.
•4 Different inks and their uses, being Bat’s Blood, Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, and Raven’s Blood ink.
•5 Different salts and their uses, being Black Salt, Blue Salt, Red Salt, Purple Salt, and Green Salt.
•16 Different Graveyard dirt and their uses that includes soldier’s dirt, murderer’s dirt, breakup dirt, law protection dirt, and more.
•9 Different waters and their uses that include 7 Holy waters, glory water, tar water, and Kanaga water.
•54 Famous blends that include war water, florida water, van van oil, truth oil, black destroyer oil, 7 angels oil, 4 thieves vinegar, 10 fold protection oil, aphrodisiac oil, do as I say oil, day in court oil, evictus oil, and many more.

If you ever wondered what is in these formulas, wanted to make your own to save money, open your own shop, or sell from home to make a few extra bucks, this book is for you.

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October 22
Electra Valencia
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