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Finding the right magickal community is an important part of exploring our magickal selves. Whether that is a single mentor or a thriving spiritual community, coming together with others can form the foundation of a dynamic spiritual life. But just meeting regularly does not a healthy spiritual group make, nor does a simple desire to pass on the hard-won knowledge privately gained. What makes a healthy spiritual group? How do we find one, or make one? Magickal Connections explores the nature of a magickal group's dynamics from its inception to its dissolution, offering practical advice for people at any stage of a group's life cycle. Potential leaders are guided through the transition from participant along with sensible exploration of their motivation for this change. With no-nonsense direction about the hows and whats of the mentoring relationship, expectations can be clarified at the outset. With its frank discussion of the politics of working within a group, Magickal Connections is useful for all members of a group, no matter their role.

"Lisa Mc Sherry has given us an excellent guide to pagan group dynamics—a valuable resource if you are in a group, plan to join one, or plan to start one." —Christopher Penczak

"Magickal Connections is filled with guidance and rituals that should be required reading. In fact, I know several groups whose members should be reading this book right now!" —Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.

Lisa McSherry has worked with groups of many sizes and structures since her introduction to witchcraft in 1981. The leader of her own group since 2000, she has used her role to test her theories and develop them for wider contexts. A sextuple Virgo, she uses her organizational skills in writing about the occult and its dynamics in a practical, accessible fashion. She is a popular speaker at conferences throughout the United States and Canada and her writings can be found online. She has been published many times in PanGaia, SageWoman, and newWitch, as well as The Beltane Papers. McSherry resides near Seattle, Washington.

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