Magicked Born

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Publisher Description

In a world hostile to magic, three young mages must find a way to destroy an evil force.

Blaze and her twin sister, Nova, lead a quiet life on the outskirts of their village — until fanatic soldiers threaten their lives for being Magicked. Forced to flee, the sisters must rely on each other to survive in a world that doesn't accept them.

Prince Oran of Cilicia is far from being in line for the throne, but he knows his place in the world — until his magic starts to pour out of him, uncontrolled. On the run, Oran searches for a place where he can learn to control his newfound power.

Prophecy has foretold that these three young mages are the key to defeating the Blight, the most dangerous threat their world has faced. Together, they will travel from the known to the unknown, pursued by those who wish them dead, defending their reality and discovering the strength they hold within.

Ashleigh Mattern created an astonishing world that she filled masterfully with protagonists who care deeply about their world and each other. Magicked is a unique story with a universal message about standing united against an oppressive system.

- Miriam Körner, Author of Yellow Dog and Qaqavii

In Magicked Born, author Ashleigh Mattern’s fantastical world springs to life through compelling, well-drawn characters and highly imaginative storytelling. Whether she’s exploring the awesome mind of a mage or travelling through a terrifying desert or underground city, Mattern’s tight prose does not disappoint. Elements of mystery and romance are expertly woven together in this impressive debut!

Brenda Baker, author of Camp Outlook

Young Adult
May 17
Vireo Creative
Ashleigh Mattern