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Book 2 of Jenny and Giovanni’s love story.

“From today onwards, you are deemed as my lover. Be prepared to meet your fate.”

And those are the words that came out of the very man who makes her heart flutter, Giovanni Dente, the mafia boss with movie star good looks and a coffee addict.

Between working as his maid and brewing his coffee as payment to her father’s three-million-dollar debt, Jenny finds she has to fight off his advances, using every skill she possess not to be lured into his seductive trap. But what could a poor student like her do when every touch and kiss Giovanni bestowed upon her has her craving for more?

Jenny knows her defense is about to break down because this mafia boss is totally alluring.

Note: Maid to the Mafia is a romantic comedy mafia romance series. This second book comes complete with a happy ending.

Maid to the Mafia series

Book 1: Totally Captivated (free to download)

Book 2: Totally Alluring

Book 3: Totally Intoxicated (coming soon)

January 24
Wanitta Praks Media
Wanitta Praks

Customer Reviews

C.X.9 ,

Alluring: Maid to Mafia

I enjoy and love this series so far. Can't wait to find out the truth. The author is hinting a lot, but I want the actually truth to be review. Can't wait to see what happen next.

Job well done, Wanitta Praks. ❤️💕 keep up the good work.

I want to believe that Jenny is his Jennifer, but I won't know until they discover the facts. I want the main guy to be more understanding, but we'll see in the next book. In the next book, hopefully we find out if he's more flexible and give her more freedom.

P.S: an arc reader

Jorpa99 ,

Basic and predictable

Funny moments but very predictable. Story is not written with a flow.

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