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Now available as a bundle box set, books 1 & 2 in the Mail Order Romance series.
Book 1: Mail Order Annie
When Anne Benning a mail order bride steps off the train in tiny Eckville, in the American Frontier West, to meet a man she only knows through postal correspondence and who has proposed to marry her, she enters a live fire fight and a long-simmering feud that threatens to engulf her in trouble. Anne finds herself enmeshed in an emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, passionate intrigue, and a devastating mystery that lead her to her ultimate revelation about the meaning and purpose of her life.
Book 2: Mail Order Mayhem
Three years after their marriage, Benjamin and Annie Moran come home soaked and exhausted after a near-fatal encounter with a flash flood. After narrowly saving their cattle and sheep herd from certain death, they collapse into their bed under their bear-skin, only to be abruptly awaked in the pre-dawn hours of the next morning by loud pounding on their door. A man’s voice alternatively demands and pleads for aid for himself and his son after being stranded in the storm. Though Annie senses a trap, Benjamin accedes to the stranger’s request and opens the cabin door, only to be overrun by bandits, who sack the farm and carry off Annie, leaving Benjamin beaten unconscious on the cabin floor. In a hair-raising series of attempted rescues and attempted escapes, Annie and Benjamin struggle separately to rejoin each other at the same time that they both endeavor to keep their hopes and faith alive against insurmountable odds.

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January 4
Gold Crown
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