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Mail Order Bride: Orphaned Scullery Maid From London & The Red Headed Farmer In Kansas - An orphaned scullery maid from England decides to take a chance on becoming a mail order bride so she makes the arduous journey by boat, then by wagon train, to Kansas, where she is to be the mail order bride of a farmer with a substantial acreage. Things are going well when suddenly, a large and dangerous hazard tests their ability to survive.

Mail Order Bride: Orphaned Missouri Woman Who Can’t Cook Heads To The Texas Cowboy Rancher Who Loves To Eat - A woman from Missouri loses her mother to a stagecoach accident and reads a letter about mail order brides that her mom had left for her before leaving on her trip. She explores the option further and finally decides on a man -- a cowboy rancher living in Texas. There is only one problem – he loves food and she doesn’t know how to cook.

Mail Order Bride: The Overweight Boston Woman & The Cowboy With A Checkered Past In Oklahoma - An overweight and accident-prone woman from Boston decides to make her way to Oklahoma, and to a tall cowboy with a checkered past. She doesn’t know that, and when she finds out, has almost decided to return to Boston when a few odd incidents drive any thought of returning home right out of her mind.

Mail Order Bride: The Boston Schoolteacher, The Cowboy Rancher In Kanas & The Stolen Cattle - A Boston schoolteacher heads to Kansas to meet her new mail ordered husband. Immediately starting off on the wrong foot, she finally does meet her man and from that point onwards, her life changes in a dramatic and unexpected way.

February 5
Beth Overton
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