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Jumpstart your next event with an exciting new idea: the Bad Art Party. Anyone can be creative when they let go of the idea that what they make has to be perfect. Make Bad Art distills traditional art techniques down to their simplest, most accessible parts. When we focus on color and shape, rather than replication, compelling abstract art happens almost effortlessly. Making art with friends at a fun collaborative party is just icing on the cake.

Make Bad Art gives you all the tools to make your party run smoothly: Theme ideas, supply recommendations, tips & tricks, and much more. Grab some paint and canvases, hang them up in your backyard, and you're ready. No art experience is necessary. The unique structure of the Bad Art Party allows your guests to relax and not worry about whether they’re “doing it right”.

We’ve thrown many a successful Bad Art Party, and we want to teach you how it’s done. With our method, each guest has a hand in every piece of art created. The art might turn out good, it might turn out bad, but the important thing is your guests will love the experience of letting inborn creativity flow.

It’s also a fantastic activity for students. Try it out in the classroom!

Learn the best way to throw an incredible Bad Art Party with Make Bad Art.

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October 16
Stand Inside Media, LLC
Stand Inside Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

carrielynnp ,

Neat idea - Super Creative Book!

This book shows you how to host a fun party where you and all your friends create art! There are different ideas throughout the book - they even cover food! Plus, the authors walk you through the steps to make sure your party is really fun. An Art Party is definitely a one-of-a-kind party that you and your friends will enjoy - I know we did. And it is cool to see what kind of art - bad or good - your friends make!

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