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Three bachelors turned…matchmakers? 

One special night with Cooper Hamilton gave Nora Perry a precious gift. But no way is the sweet-talking salesman the right guy for her…or is he? 

Former pro athlete Ty Porter could get burned when he falls for the beautiful reporter who ruined his career—and could now expose his most zealously guarded secret! 

Gideon Walker has a long history with free-spirited flower shop owner Sophie Jennings. But when the banker-matchmaker fixes her up with potential candidates, he realizes he's made a terrible mistake…

February 1
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Customer Reviews

SBart79 ,

Fun Sweet Romances

Three sweet novellas that will have you laughing and leave you smiling when done. Three best guy friends start a matchmaking competition and the winner gets to leave the small town in Alaska and work for a big time hockey team. Little did they know that they would find true love right under their noses and be happy where they are at. I highly recommend this clean sweet book to all romance readers.

Marge_Roberts ,

Matchmaking Men

These three connected novellas, written by three different authors, are full of fun and adventures in Kenkamken Bay (K-Bay), Alaska. Three lifelong, bearded 25-year-old friends, Tyler (Ty), Cooper (Coop), and Gideon have had dreams of having professional ice hockey careers. Instead, Cooper sells vehicles. Ty was a pro, but due to circumstances, works at the local outdoor rink. Gideon is the town bank's manager. The K-Bay Bar & Grill is where they hang out when not working, with Coach at the helm, who was their childhood ice hockey coach. In the hopes of obtaining professional jobs, they make a bet with Coach, forming Trinity Matchmaking, where they must find love for six couples. Each novella tells the story of each of them. Since the number of men greatly outnumber the available females, and the men's idea of date planning is totally different than what a group of females would be interested in, you will find yourself laughing and commiserating with the females going through these date nights. This was a fun, light book that I really enjoyed. [I received this advanced copy in exchange for a fair review.]

Amigagal ,

3 Bachelors Try Matchmaking!

You know a book is good if you are still thinking about it a couple days later! AND, you are "wondering" what the characters are up to now but then have to remind yourself they aren't real! I enjoyed this collection of stories about 3 best friends in a small Alaskan town who have known each other since grade school. They decide to make a bet with "Coach" who is the owner of the local bar/grill that they can be matchmakers for 6 couples in 3 weeks. No one in town can believe it since there are hardly any females and the males are fairly "set in their ways" but they give it a go! Cooper, Ty and Gideon want to win badly because if they do, they get to finally leave K-Bay (the name of the town) and work for one of Coach's hockey's teams in the Lower 48. They each have a different skill to offer and desperately want to leave town! Of course, THEY don't plan on being one of the couples!
COOPER'S story is first. Immediately, after making the bet with Coach, a woman with a baby comes into the bar wanting to see Cooper. She informs Cooper that it's HIS baby! At first he hardly remembers her (Nora) until she "jogs" his memory but then has to wrap his mind around the fact that he's now a father! I can't say that I liked Nora's character a lot in the beginning but she grew on me by the end of the story. I loved Cooper, however! He and his dad were great! I loved how Cooper just took to being a father and bumbled his way through, even though he didn't have a clue! Baby Zoe was such a sweet addition to the story!
TY was the next story. At first, I was a little confused about the female lead - Kelsey - in this story. She is a reporter who knew Ty in high school, even dated him for awhile, and essentially ruined his life with a story she wrote exposing some information. When she comes back to town, Ty is, of course, very "cool" to her. She is needing a juicy story to keep her job and thinks she can dig up something on Ty again, especially when she hears about this matchmaking scheme. I couldn't understand how they could get together if Kelsey had done this terrible thing to him once upon a time....but, later Ty spills a secret to her that he hasn't told anyone and the "game" changes so they both decide that they have dealt with issues from their past (she has some family issues from her past). Ty was a star hockey player and got injured badly after he left K-Bay, however, no one but him knows the whole story. Kelsey helps with his coming to terms about his past.
GIDEON finishes up the book. I loved this story! Gideon is on the "geeky side". He's so into computers, financial stuff and banking that he only got into the matchmaking bet with his friends because he wants to leave K-Bay and become "unstuck"! He's the manager of the only bank in town and he's SO bored! He's a finance guy and wants to be doing something interesting! Enter, Sophie! She's the owner of the flower shop and comes to the bank every Friday. It's the only bright spot of Gideon's week! He's never focused on that though....he's clueless! Sophie's always had a little crush on him too, but she is overwhelmed with life....keeping her shop open and having a delinquent brother! Finally, she asks Gideon to put her in the "dating pool" for the matchmaking thing because she wants to start dating. Gideon matches her with wrong guys because he doesn't want her to find someone other than him! Those dates are so funny! I enjoyed all the "mixers" these 3 guys set up. Hilarious what you have to come up with in Alaska! So, finally Gideon and Sophie.....two rather shy folks...find each other and Sophie develops a backbone towards her delinquent brother! I especially loved the epilogue that tied everything together for all 3 couples. You just have to read the book to see who wins the bet!!!!!

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