Book 4 - Men of Gold Mountain

Make Me Yours

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"Intensely sexy and packs an emotional punch!" - #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely on Make Me Beg

Claire Collins has always been good—except when it comes to bad boys. Or one bad boy in particular: a tattooed musician as skilled with her body as he is with his guitar. But he wasn’t ready to be a father, so she left him to raise their daughter on her own. Only fate had other plans, and suddenly, Ryan is back in her life, disrupting everything. This time, though, she’s determined not to lose her heart…even if she still craves his touch.

Ryan Thomas never expects to see Claire again—especially not in a small mountain town in Washington on the last show of his comeback tour. But when the lights come on, there she is, more beautiful than ever. One incredible night with her won’t be enough… But he’ll have to prove he’s not the man he used to be, if he wants to keep her—and his family—for good.

Each book in the Men of Gold Mountain series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Make Me Stay
Book #2 Make Me Beg
Book #3 Make Me Want
Book #4 Make Me Yours

October 9
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lynn B888 ,


It's not at all unusual for Rebecca Brooks to bring us a steamy read with the sassy characters from her Men of Gold Mountain series, but with this latest book in the series, she touches our hearts even more. Circumstances tore them apart but neither has ever forgotten or loved another the same way they did each other. He was at a destructive point in his life, she was willing to turn the other cheek for way too long ... but when a dawning brought a vision of the future to come into her mind, she finally found the courage to walk way. This story is about reconnecting with a lost love and being strong enough to prove you've changed and proud enough to stand tall about your accomplishments. I've loved the entire series, but this one just had all the feels!

Claire Collins has always been on the straight and narrow ... except for that short-lived time in her life where she fell in love with a musician and threw caution to the wind. Her life never quite recovered, but she wound up with a beautiful daughter out of it all. She might not have been strong enough to demand what she needed, but she would have moved heaven and earth to give that child what she deserved out of life!

Ryan Thomas lived his life hard, and it cost him everything he had ever dreamed of ... but he's worked hard to come back from the ruins he left his life in. Claire walking away was the low-point in his life, and he's never once stopped wishing she'd walk in again ... so when their eyes meet at the start of the last show on his come-back tour, he thinks all of his dreams have come true! Claire on the other hand isn't willing to trust that he's changed ... he was always the smooth talker and promise maker ... so what makes this time different?

Agent$$$$ ,

Second Chances...

Claire has always been the "good girl", except when she wasn't. She dropped out of college, followed her rock star boyfriend across the country, and got pregnant. When she tells Ryan she's pregnant, he goes out and gets drunk or more drunk than he already was. Tired with Ryan's drinking and lack of devotion, Claire packs and leaves. Everything she's done since then, has been for Maya. Until Ryan walks back into her life....

Ryan, not knowing where Claire went, is broken. He can't understand why she left, only that he can't remember. Ryan drinks to forget his past, drinks to forget Claire, then just drinks. When he finally stops drinking, he's also lost his career. Seeing that he needs to change, he checks into rehab. Playing with a new band in hopes of jump starting his career, he wonders into Gold Mountain and Claire.....

When the lights come up, he immediately sees Claire as she runs out of the bar. After he completes the set, he decides to stick around and search for Claire--now that he's found her. Imagine his surprise when he sees a photo of Maya. He had no idea Claire was pregnant with his child and that was the reason she left. He knows he's not "father" material, but wants to meet Maya before he returns to Chicago and his life as a rock star. But the longer he sticks around trying to show Claire he's a changed man, he's not so sure he can leave....

This is the fourth novel in the Gold Mountain series and may very well be my favorite. I don't generally read "rock star" romances because I don't like all the booze and drugs that always go along with the stories. BUT, alcoholism and it's devastating effects on others were dealt with grace. It was an emotional read, but not cry your heart out. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

bh313@hotmail ,


Loved, loved, loved this book!! Why you wonder? Well, it's a fantastic second chance story which I am always a sucker for. It has a really cute kid in Maya. Most importantly the chemistry and love between Claire and Ryan jumps from the pages. They are flawed and imperfect yet perfect for each other. They met young and moved to NYC so Ryan would have a shot with his music. After a while the lifestyle became too much with Ryan spending more time with a bottle than with Claire. Now six years and a stint in rehab later they are reunited and Ryan is in for the shock of his life.

these characters were just so wonderful I didn't want their story to end. Their story is sad, hopeful, and incredibly real. I love this authors writing style and the easy flow of the story. I can't believe this is the first book of hers I've read. I will definitely be going back and reading the first books in this series! I highly recommend this one.

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