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Desperate after being evicted from his home and having his last car repossessed, Floridian Vic Johnson stumbled across a simple online formula that's made him five-six figures every month for the past ten years (and it's RECESSION RESISTANT).

Johnson says his formula is not complicated or original, as he copied ever step of it. And he believes the formula is so simple that anyone who's not afraid of a little work can copy what he's done.

Once inside you'll learn...

* How to earn $300 - $1500 CASH every day with one (1) simple 5-page website that anyone can build (if you can use MS Word you can do this)...

* Quick and easy steps the pros use to identify cash-rich specialty “niches” with little or no online competition.

* The easy “plug and play” internet solutions that require no technical knowledge or skills (He even shares the list of the ones he uses and says this alone is worth 100 times the cost of the book).

* The almost unlimited secret source for getting no-cost products for your online business that customers will gladly pay $10, $15 even $100 for.

* How to turn a shoestring budget into a six-figure cash flow...

* How to decide what to sell on the Internet while identifying niche markets with little or no competition

* What almost every website visitor is looking for --- and how to give it to them

* Why you don’t need technical knowledge to build a successful website

* What your number one business goal must be if you expect to build long-term web income

* How to set up an automated system that literally makes money while you sleep

* The Number One reason most websites fail and how to avoid it

* How Vic regularly nets $5,000 a day and more with a handful of employees (and they're all family)

* And many more inside secrets

---> Includes a coupon for a FREE DVD that shows actual Internet sites and the six, simple steps to follow

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July 16
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