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I’m sure you’ve seen all those silly advertisements claiming to make you thousands of dollars a minute, working from home in your underwear, with little to no work. These ads are so ridiculous and overly used that if you’re like most people, you start doubting whether it really is possible to make money online.
I’m here to tell you that it is possible to make money online and I’m excited to show you how. I’m not here to mislead you into thinking that you’re going to make thousands of dollars per minute in your underwear, but I am going to show you that there are certainly easy and fun ways to make money online.
In this book, I am going to share different ways in which you can create more income. I will cover various types of methods for different skill types and I am confident that you’ll be anxious to try many of them. The content in this book can be utilized by anyone. You don’t have to be a technical genius in any sense to understand this content or put it to use. I’m not going to tell you how to make money by flipping domain names, using SEO tricks, or anything else technical like that. These types of topics have been covered hundreds of times and require the reader to have a strong technical background. The topics and methods I talk about in this book can be interpreted and used by everyone regardless of background or skillset.
I created this book with the intention that it stands out differently from the other “make money online” books. Many “make money online” books sold today seem very cookie cutter to me. They mostly appear to offer the same rehashed content and just copy and paste lots of useless and outdated content from each other. This book will cover various topics and methods you will not find in other books. I could easily plaster this book with hundreds of odd money making methods similar to those other books but doing that would degrade the quality and authenticity of the content I am trying to share with you. I have experimented with various methods of generating income over the Internet for several years and I’m going to tell you about the ones that I find to be the most successful.

Business & Personal Finance
September 24
Saeed Copti
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