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If you've got a bike or a business – this book is for you.

Entrepreneurial companies everywhere are coming up with new bike models, some part electric, some part pedal. It seems new technologies are unlocking all kinds of incredible solutions for getting more people where they want to go - on bikes. What used to be futuristic and impossible, might now be a probable new business opportunity that could be worth billions. Bikes are forcing new and much better, city-wide, transportation systems everywhere. Cities and towns are re-designing streets and highways to accommodate bike riders and new technologies.

Bikes are a $6 billion a year industry in the USA and bikes actually outsell autos in total units sold. Sales projections for the year 2018 show an interesting new trend for electric bikes. Sales for ebikes will be over 42 million units. Got that? E-bikes are coming on very strong because of new technology, usability and the green sustainability trends.

However, the fact is, most bikes never make money for it’s owner. Especially in the USA. There are millions of bikes, literally, just collecting dust and waiting for it’s owner to creatively earn a buck with it. A bike can be much more than just an exercise tool or part-time fun thing. In the near future, your bike could become a money maker for you. Merely renting out or sharing your bike, can be a special new way to earn money with it.

This ebook, “How To Make Money With Your Bike,” will show you why you should quickly learn more about the low and hi-tech trends and industries emerging around bikes, billboards and bike trailers. Your bike, with a well designed message on a bike billboard can also be a new fund- raising tool and/or delivery vehicle with many local economic impacts.

There is a new “selfie bike billboard" trend afoot (literally) and we’ll get into some interesting aspects of what that potential is and for who.

The first review of the book came in with this:
"Richard Pawlowski’s thoughtful and fact-filled work here would have been a huge help to us had it been available five years ago. You can now take advantage of our mistakes. He outlines many of the mistakes we made which could have saved us a few years and some R&D money. His advice here is appropriate not only for a bicycle related business, but for any startup. Richard’s many years of entrepreneurship and pivoting when things went a little sideways, give him the perspective to know there is opportunity here." – Andrea Lieberman

 We’re going to introduce you to some unusual service and delivery bikes and discuss other new ideas such as book bikes, food delivery bikes, bike billboards, hauling bikes, bikes with RVs attached (we call them ShelterPods) and even a bike with it’s own TV show (we love this idea). If you are one of those 9 million Americans with an RV (recreational vehicle) and an iPhone, we’ll also show you a brand new way of making money with a bike billboard - especially if you’re full-timer and join a new network being formed. We’ll show you how you can reach into new bike-related niches with your own unique creativity too - regardless of your current business or profession. We’ll also suggest ways of teaming up with your local merchants, sign and bike shops, and riders associations for extra income and business development.

We’ll point out some special manufacturers and share our research into the best models to use and also tell you about our own worst design, employment and marketing mistakes. We’ll also share some unique strategies and how we (and many others) have made good incomes with our bikes - and how you can do it too - full or part-time.

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June 10
VentureXPO Group
Richard J Pawlowski

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