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“It’s wrong to claim Victor, but it feels so right.”

When my best friend on the force Federico was killed in the line of duty, I swore to him as he died in my arms, I would take care of his baby brother, Victor.

 I never went back on my word. 

When Victor moved back to our hometown after college, he needed a place to stay. The kid was going to live next door to a crack house in a bad part of town, but I knew his older brother would haunt me if I allowed that to happen, so I demanded he move into my spare bedroom. 

When he showed up on my doorstep, his transformation from an awkward teenager to a striking young man floored me. Victor was everything I had ever wanted—smart, smoking hot, and innocent—but there was no way he could handle a rough around the edges cop like me. 

I kept my paws to myself, until one day Victor told me he had never been with another man before. He wanted advice on how to get a boyfriend, and how to keep him. 

That broke me. 

I’d show Victor how to please a man, all right. 


Making it Fit is the first book in The Making It Series, and it is trope heaven. Roommates, fake boyfriend, opposites attract, first time experience, cops, older/younger, and my favorite, love at first sight. This scorching novella will make your ereader sizzle, and your heart melt. 

January 26
Cruz Publishing
Ian Lewis

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

the KID … Deserving better than ME …

…a twenty-three years young … hot hunk…
VICTOR … he’s been sharing a New York City apartment with five room-mates, for the past five years, training for the theater’s stage acting profession, being disappointed, failing auditions, obstructed, rejected …
difficulties achieving his dreams and hopes…
Deciding to just return… “home” ……
and he’s still a “virgin” …

Author IAN O. LEWIS tells a surprisingly amusing charming love story…

Since he was fourteen years old, VICTOR, has struggled with his long-time uninhibited crush on his older “straight” brother’s former police patrol officer partner …

… “BIG”…”BAD”…and “HANDSOME”…”CHAD” …

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