Making Music

74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

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For many artists, nothing inspires more existential terror than actually making art. The fear that we’re not good enough or that we don’t know enough results in untold numbers of creative crises and potential masterpieces that never get realized.

Electronic musicians used to be able to hide behind clunky, emerging technology as an excuse for inaction. But musicians today live in a golden age of tools and technology. A ninety-nine-cent smartphone app can give you the functionality of a million-dollar recording studio. A new song can be shared with the world as soon as it’s finished. Tutorials for every sound design or music production technique can be found through a Google search. All of these developments have served to level the playing field for musicians, making it possible for a bedroom producer to create music at a level that used to be possible only for major-label artists.

But despite all of this, making music is still hard. Why?

Making Music was written both to answer this question and to offer ways to make it easier. It presents a systematic, concrete set of patterns that you can use when making music in order to move forward. It will teach you how to make music using technology, with a specific emphasis on solving musical problems, making progress, and (most importantly) finishing what you start.

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    April 22
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    Customer Reviews

    Fidem Beats ,

    This book did it!

    This book took “Fidem Beats” from being just another music producer to being almost famous! I now make a living from my music!!! I have almost 400 songs out now with various artists! Thank you so much For this read!

    Mikey93333 ,

    Key Production Techniques

    I was impressed by how much this was not necessarily a how-to book. Such a manual can discourage a newer or even a novice producer into believing their work is unoriginal. This book challenges that theory by introducing long used and alternatively used techniques to help a creator finish what they intend to start. It’s pivotal for anyone using any of these highly inconceivable DAW’s with more features than actual help with workflow, but more specifically, any Ableton user (as that is the Company who published this book) could find use in this book, and for $10 (hardcover is way more) even if it just on your iPad as a handy tool. You can literally search for your creative issues, and you will effectively find something that progresses you further along. The book intends you to follow it exactly the way it was written, while you might add these techniques to your own or modify them, you want to primarily follow the structure of the chapters closely to achieve the results.

    DrewBerg ,

    Excellent book!

    This book answered so many of my questions I thought it was written just for me.

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