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Enjoy five new short stories, all about how hypnotic experiences allow women to find happiness as they explore new dynamics in their relationships with friends and lovers. Each tale involves an exploration into themes like dominance and submission, and how sometimes choosing to obey can give you freedom like you've never imagined.
In Hand Worship, a woman convinces her girlfriend to play into her bdsm fantasies of being dominated, but she'll come to learn just how talented her girlfriend's hands are at teasing her, much to her delight.
In Making the Perfect Girlfriend, a frustrated Sarah just wants to help her girlfriend Jade accept herself and ignore her family's judgmental attitude. So she turns to a hypnotic audio file, one designed to help Jade embrace her true self. Of course it might be a surprise just who her girlfriend comes out of the trance wanting to become.
In Sugar Rush, Becca wants to surprise her partner Alex by making a very special candy recipe she caught them designing in private. But when she finally tastes the unbelievable candy and the wonderful effects it has on her, she can't wait to share the candy with her friend Carrie. As Becca discovers, there's a lot she feels like sharing with Carrie now.
In The Perfect Massage, there's plenty of friction between Kristen and queen bee Blair, until Blair's personality suddenly changes after what she claims was a life changing massage. She's happy and affectionate, and insisting that Kristen just has to experience the mindblowing massage for herself.
And in Groovin' to the Beat, a sorority having a silent rave will find themselves loving the new music that starts playing, as their headphones teach them fun new ideas while removing their inhibitions. It will be a party that none of the girls will ever forget.

Fiction & Literature
October 22
Samantha Nona
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