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“Making Reeds Start to Finish” is a series focused on the specialized craft of reed making which has traditionally been passed down from teacher to student in the context of a private lesson. 

Optimized for the iPad and any Mac (Running OS 10.9 or later), the series offers reed making students from all around, a glimpse into the processes, techniques and tools used by the masters of this craft.

We aim to solve some age-old problems like, ‘What do I do when the teacher is not there?’ or ‘How did my teacher say to scrape this part?’ and ‘I really would like to see my teacher do that again and I would watch up close.’

We are privileged to have George Sakakeeny as our first author on the subject of bassoon reed making.

George is not only a highly sought after clinician and pedagogue, but is an internationally renowned solo bassoon artist as well as a champion for new music.  Professor Sakakeeny is s dedicated teacher and mentor to his students at Oberlin Conservatory of music

In this book, George will offer instruction and inspiration on making beautiful music on the bassoon.

Making Reeds Start to Finish with George Sakakeeny features hi resolution images, diagrams, charts and videos.

It's as close to a private lesson as you can get without a live interaction.

Please enjoy the book and expect more to come out in the future from other Master performers and reed makers!

Feel free to contact us via Facebook with any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions!


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January 10
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Customer Reviews

🗜🎵 ,

The BEST reed book

This book saved my life!!

qatjmfwethjvftyhh ,

A+ Reed Book

Everyone needs this book in their life!

The Edge Rocks ,

Great book, unfortunate delivery...

It is a shame because the book is a great read and very informative for any bassoon player, professional or amatuer; however, the format of this book is obnoxious and inconvienient. It only opens on iPads and Macs, which it states offhand, but is unobtainable for anyone without these. Also, don't let people without Apple products even have the option of buying this if it can't be opened on their computer...Hopefully they will edit it to be accessible for everyone but for right now, if you don't have Apple products, don't bother...