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The idea of the ‘nation’ is a Western concept which has been applied to Southeast Asia. It is a project which has been in progress since the last century but is still incomplete. Various theoretical frameworks which are associated with nation and nation-building in the Southeast Asian region have been briefly dealt with. The book aims to examine the making of the nations in Southeast Asia using both historical and political science approaches. Concepts related to nation such as ethnicity, state, indigenism and citizenship have also been analysed in the Southeast Asian context. Specific examples of nation-building in five major Southeast Asian countries are presented. Problems and prospects of Southeast Asia's nation-building and citizenship building in the era of globalisation are also discussed.
Contents:Multi-Ethnic Society, Conflict Regulation and Nation-BuildingNation, State, Ethnicity and IndigenismNation, Citizenship and IndigenismEthnicity, Indigenism and Southeast Asia's Citizenship LawsEthnic Chinese and the Formation of Southeast Asian NationsChina's Citizenship Laws and Southeast Asian ChineseNation-Building or Citizenship-Building in Singapore?Indigenism, Islam and Nation-Building in MalaysiaEthnicity, Religion and Nation-Building in IndonesiaThe Philippines and Thailand: Ethnicity and Islam in Nation-BuildingCitizenship, Nation-State and Nation-Building in Globalizing Southeast AsiaAppendices:Ethnic and Religious Compositions of Southeast Asian CountriesCitizenship Law of Brunei DarussalamCitizenship Law of CambodiaCitizenship Law of IndonesiaCitizenship Law of LaosCitizenship Law of Malaysia (The Citizenship Section of Constitution)Citizenship Law of MyanmarCitizenship Law of the Philippines (The Citizenship Information in the Constitution)Citizenship Law of SingaporeCitizenship Law of ThailandCitizenship Law of Vietnam
Readership: Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, academics, and members of the general public who are interested in Southeast Asian politics, in particular, the topic of nation-building.
Key Features:The book is written by a Southeast Asian scholar, familiar with both Asian and Western culturesThe making of Southeast Asian nations is topical as many nations, including Singapore, are celebrating their “nationhood”The discussion on citizenship is based on the Citizenship Laws of the Southeast Asian states

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