Male Breast cancer

Taking Control

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All you need to know to “take control” after a diagnosis of male breast cancer.

Male breast cancer is not common and often under-diagnosed and under-treated. Using the familiar image of a garden and a personal, plain English style, renowned breast cancer specialist Professor John Boyages, MD, PhD, walks you slowly through the stress and confusion of diagnosis, treatment, and life after male breast cancer.

In Male Breast Cancer: Taking Control, John Boyages provides you with all the information you or your family and friends need to take control, maximize your survival, and find your path to recovery.

Learn how to:

• Know the difference between “man boobs” and male breast cancer

• Have the right tests for an earlier diagnosis

• Avoid under- or over-treatment

• Ask your treatment team the right questions

• Choose treatments for your breast and lymph nodes

• Deal with stress, anxiety, fatigue, and sexuality during and after treatment

• Understand when chemotherapy is really required

• Get specific up-to-date information for male breast cancer and avoid pamphlets designed for  females

• Achieve a more positive state of mind through inspiring and motivating patient stories and key take-home messages

Some key features: 

• “Traffic-light” colors guide you through treatment phases

• 20 color-coded “Control Points”

• Clear end of chapter “Warning”, “Tip” and “Remember” icons and summaries

• End of chapter take home messages

• 12 real-life patient stories

• Plain English style with garden and other analogies to explain your breast cancer and its treatment

• Over 50 images and graphically designed diagrams

• Over 70 hand-picked web links

• Detailed glossary, key references and index (print version)

Within this book, there is a wealth of essential information and insight that I really wish had been available to me when I was diagnosed 10 years ago. This book will definitely help many men diagnosed with breast cancer now, and in the future, gain strength, support and a positive state of mind.

– Herbert Paul Wagner, Male breast cancer survivor, advocate and CEO of A Man’s Pink

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