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The gaze from Templeton McAdam’s blue eyes was riveted to the computer screen. He squirmed around trying to relieve the tension in his cock as he read the emails from this unknown employee called Delaware Brooks.
“ Oh, darlin’, you need to be f****d hard,” he murmured with a grin as he tried to picture what the woman in question looked like. It was crazy that she was discussing him via email and they’d not even met. Not that it really mattered. Anyone who fantasized about having sex with him was someone Templeton wanted to meet. He knew if he continued reading much longer he’d have to jack off and that was such a shame when there was clearly a very willing, yet unknown woman who wanted him, if her emails were anything to go by. Templeton looked up as his office door opened.
“ I’m glad you’re here, Speed.” He motioned his best friend over to the computer screen. “You have to check this out.”
Simon “Speed” Guthrie leaned down over his friend’s shoulder and read from the screen.
“ Congratulations—I wasn’t aware you were engaged. You should have told me, Temp old buddy.” Speed’s eyes widened in surprise as he read on. “Wow, she’s something else. Do you know who this ‘Delaware’ is? And if so, how come you haven’t shared her with me?”
“ Actually, I haven’t met her or most of the other employees.” Templeton McAdam, CEO of Hindsight Executive Management had only finished moving his base of operations from Sydney to Brisbane in the last couple of days. He was still finding his feet and hadn’t met all the workers yet. But he’d sent out many emails to them, advising them of changes, and clearly Miss Delaware Brooks was having some fun at his expense. “I wonder who she is?” Was she completely unaware that corporate policy was no personal emails while at work? The minute someone exceeded their download limit the emails were automatically forwarded to him from the IT department. The ones from this particular woman had been eye-opening. He changed the screen and pulled up the employee database from the icon on his desktop. He brought up her file and opened it. “Delaware Brooks, hmm—she doesn’t look happy in her photo.” In fact she looked positively angry. This woman wrote those emails? Intriguing.
“ Yeah, but look at the luscious bottom lip and the defiant tilt of her chin. This woman has passion.” Speed clicked on the picture to enlarge the image. “Look at those breasts.” They were just visible in the head-and-shoulders shot. “I love buxom women.”
“ Yes, she certainly is hot.” The short, shoulder-length dark brown hair and green eyes made a man keep looking and wondering. Templeton hadn’t planned on getting into a full-blown sexual liaison so quickly after arriving in Brisbane. However his old f**k buddy Speed was here and this woman had potential. Both men were strictly heterosexual and both enjoyed sharing a woman whenever they could. Now that he was in Brisbane he expected this mutual need of theirs would hit full stride—and Miss Brooks looked like the ideal candidate.
“ You need to check her out—and for god sake take pictures,” Speed reminded him, pointing to the desk camera that was used for teleconferences.
“ Of course.” It was something they liked to do. If one took a woman separately the other made sure the moment was filmed for prosperity. It was something they kept strictly for their own private use.
Speed ran his finger lightly down the image on the screen.
“ Let me know how she tastes. I like feisty women.”

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April 4
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