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She's a computer hacker with an agenda. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. An international criminal has targeted them both.

Claire Maltisse, computer hacker extraordinaire, is accustomed to playing dangerous games … online. But her work as part of the Rider team thrusts her into the forefront of physical danger. When she's targeted for extermination by the Titan private security team, she must forge unlikely allies and rely on her own savvy skills to bring down the enemy. But her life and her heart are on the line.

Drake joined Titan security undercover to gain acting experience for upcoming Hollywood roles. Never did he imagine he'd find himself working for a deadly team of ex-military moving drugs, guns, and women. Determined to right his wrongs, he helps the Rider team and Claire devise a plan against the malicious Titan team. In his struggle to find his place among the battlefield, he finds he's losing himself to the quirky computer genius, Claire. And maybe if he survives the clash of companies, it'll be worth it.

"This book was AMAZING!!! As with all of your other books it had humor, intense moments, and made me sad that it came to an end!" —Avid Reader

"I am not surprised that I love it, you are an amazing writer and the stories in the series were very catching and interesting. It was well thought out, well written and excellently executed!" —Avid Reader

"It's the Geek Girl's time to shine...Claire the hacker, the computer whiz, the gamer not only comes up with some 007 type crime fighting hacks, she gets the guy.... The plotting and planning is played out rather than explained which makes reading this book sort of like watching a movie while you read, love that.... This story has been building through previous books so it is big and fun and exciting and a cool ride, don't miss it." —Bookbub Reviewer (Gigi Reads)

"Romantic suspense at its best!" —Goodreads Reviewer

"Another great book in this stunning series" —Goodreads Reviewer

October 1
CB Samet
Draft2Digital, LLC

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