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Sometimes Mama actually knows what's best ... 

The last thing MaCee Burkett wanted was to move back to her hometown-and in with her mother- but circumstances demand she do just that. She finds the life she had before was not as bad as she had imagined, and she is happier than she thought possible. As she reconnects with friends, she finds a love she never dreamed would be hers.

Tyler Dixon has an unexpected inhertance when his father suddenly dies. He decides to move to the small town of Twin Oaks and go back to his roots. MaCee is an unexpected bonus he soon discoveres he dosen't want to live without.

Mama Knows Best is the introduction to the small town of Twin Oaks, where everyone knows everyone and then some.

March 18
Reece Taylor
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Duckychamp ,

Fun read!

This author is great at putting humor, romance and a great story together! Looking forward to more books!

PelicanFreak ,

Addictive read - lauged out loud quite a bit too.

Super cute, highly-addictive read!!

I could not get enough of this - the small town and everyone in it. And it really did have laugh-out-loud moments for me, I lost count of how many times I caught myself laughing or caught strange looks from those around me.

Reece is a young, driven, hard worker who has just returned to her small town. She’s got an amazing sense of humor and it makes everything more fun. The author did an amazing job of making her world a character - I absolutely need more of this small town. Every time I put it down, I realized my head was still there, in Twin Oaks. I’d move there right now if I could.

There are secondary characters that have big personalities and I cannot help but hope some of them get their own books to star in. This whole cast, town included, is beyond lovable. The character development is advanced and consistent.

Production-wise, some aspects of the editing are amazing, while others could use some help. Lack of and improper punctuation are present, along with run-on sentences but—this isn’t anything that creates confusion or takes away from the reading experience too much. I would recommend one more pass by another set of eyes to clean it up a bit.

The rotating point-of-views is fun and all change-ups are clear, leaving no questions.
The book is in present tense and this is consistent throughout - again editing here is on point. Spelling and grammar are fine.

The cover is super cute and the book is aptly titled.

If you’re looking for an escape, or love small towns and likeable characters - I’d strongly recommend picking up this one.

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