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Ayurvedic Recipes for Postpartum Healing

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Publisher Description

This is a must-have cookbook for postpartum mothers serious about their recovery. By following the recipes in this cookbook, you can regain your vitality quickly, as well as avoid problems including low milk supply, exhaustion and baby colic. If you are ready to regain your vitality after birth through a delicious postnatal diet, this cookbook is for you!

Drawing from the wisdom of traditional Ayurveda, Ameya Duprey has created a delicious guide, containing the best rejuvenative recipes for your postpartum recovery. The recipes in Mama's Menu lead you step-by-step through the 4 phases of Ayurvedic postpartum rejuvination.

Mama' Menu includes:

- The basic Ayurvedic concepts relevant to your postnatal healing

- The elements needed to rebalance after birth

- The best foods and spices to rebuild your vitality

- A complete shopping list

- 70 delicious, easy to follow vegetarian recipes dedicated to your postnatal healing. 

These 70 recipes are divided into the 4 phases of your postpartum recovery: 

-Days 1-3: Cleansing and Digestion

-Days 4-10: Digestiona & Lactation 

-Days 11-21: Lactation & Rejuvenation 

-Days 22-42: Rejuvenation 

In each section you will find recipes for drinks, breakfast foods, main meals, snacks, and desserts. All you have to do is pick your favorite recipes, follow the chapters chronologically, and you will eat your way to postnatal bliss!!

*Vegan & Gluten-Free recipes included*

Health, Mind & Body
July 22
Amy Duprey

Customer Reviews

Sarya1 ,

Essential for Postpartum Healing

As a postpartum doula and lactation consultant, I understand the importance of nourishing foods for postpartum healing. Mama’s Menu makes Ayurvedic eating for new moms very approachable. I love the wide array of recipes and how they are divided by the stage of postpartum.
The section featuring iron-rich foods is especially important for lactating persons. I’d recommend new parents get this book and use it for meal planning (and/or creating a Meal Train!) during the early postpartum weeks.

Katerina.B ,

Essential cookbook for postpartum!!

Whether you are expecting, currently postpartum, a doula, a midwife, or planning to support and cook for a new mom, this book is an invaluable tool! It is essential for postpartum birthers to have very simple, warm, nourishing meals after birth and slowly over the following weeks, build in complexity. Ameya follows this progression in a very clear way, breaking up the meals for postpartum into four phases. As a doula, I have already made some of these recipes for new families as well as for myself. I love enjoying a “RejuvenDate” shake in the morning!

Ocean'scoral ,

Crisp & Exactly what you need

During my pregnancy, I was keen on learning various aspects including postpartum. I wanted to know a step by step process to heal from my birthing. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of content that matched my thought process. As I continued to research to find what I need to eat and what I need to do to heal, I stumbled upon shakticare, Ameya’s blog. It was exactly what I needed. I found what I needed to do and for how long in order to heal. It included daily practice and of course some recipes. I followed everything to point ranging from daily massage to eating kitchari. My baby weight came off in 6 weeks and I was back on my feet. Although I loved the recipes already shared on her blog, I wanted some variety as eating the same food can be boring some days, let’s admit it. When I read she released a whole set of recipes for PP I was joyous. I couldn’t wait to get a copy as I wanted to make sure I have the resources as I plan for my second baby. As I flipped through the pages, I enjoyed reading how the content was laid out - very crisp and to the point. This is exactly what I need getting into my second pregnancy because not only the recipes look delicious, the ingredients are easy to get and they are easy to make. These are good everyday recipes too. I could just prep everything and let my husband do the rest for me. It is such an easy to follow recipe book that I would to recommend this to some of my friends who are planning their families so that at least PP is taken care of in the most natural way. Thank you Amaya for these healing recipes.