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A new comedy from the USA Today bestselling duo!


A good cop can always spot trouble. That’s why my senses started pinging the moment I met the hottie next door. The neighborhood may never be the same. First she confuses me for a male stripper and tries to remove my uniform. (The guys on the force will never let me live that down.) And then there’s the breaking and entering.

I don’t know what to do with her. My libido has a few ideas of its own, though. Bad, bad ideas.


Hey, I it’s not my fault that Hot Cop’s nightstick gets excited every time we see each other. And I can’t help that someone broke into his apartment. 

Fine—that last thing was totally my fault. And I intend to make amends. So when he needs a date for his sister’s wedding, I’m there. This is right up my alley. I’m an actor. By the time it’s over, his entire family will believe we’re a couple. 

Even him.

Warning: may cause unrestrained giggling in public. Contains: a bridezilla with a turkey leg, a flash mob, and a growly hero.

November 19
Rennie Road Books
Eby Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

Notworthit654321 ,

Loved it

Humorous and romantic

mostlyyalit ,

Read it if you loved Wallbanger!

Man Cuffed might actually be my favourite of the Man Hands rom-com series, and that is saying something. For me, this blend of zany characters, hilarious situations, and sexytimes just really, really worked.

Man Cuffed features Meg Mathews, who is sister to Boy Toy's Sadie Mathews. Meg is an actress who has had very limited success, so she moves back home to Michigan and is trying to figure out what to do. She does buy an apartment and it just so happens to be right next door to Mac Maguire, a hot cop who Meg has run into once. Mac has sworn off relationships entirely and mostly gets by on great (and LOUD) sex that Meg is privy to given the thin walls. If you've read Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, that's the premise of this story.

Mac's issue is that he doesn't want to see his family, but he has a family wedding coming up and he needs a date. After a few zany encounters, Meg agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend, but meanwhile, the two are hanging out and really getting to know one another. Meg is making ends meet by being a server at various bars, but suddenly, she gets a couple of chances that could change her life and make her more responsible. Meanwhile, Mac is realizing that the pull he feels towards Meg is making it really hard for him to stay away from her.

Honestly, I'm doing a terrible job summarizing, because what this book does so well is keep the pace and the story moving in a way that is fast, fun and hilarious. There's a ton of chemistry between Meg and Mac, but even more, they totally bring out each other's best qualities. Mac is your classic grumpy dude, and Meg is a bit of a mess, but together, they are so much fun. There are tons of cameos from the previous characters in the series, and while it's fun to catch up, it's even more fun to see how this series is now moving to new characters.

I really, really enjoyed this one. It was the perfect thing to get me out of a book slump. Sarina Bowen never disappoints, and this series with Tanya Eby always makes me laugh and smile. A quick must-read.

shellyburger73 ,

A feel good book!

Omigosh!! Another hilarious book by Sarina and Tanya. This is the second book in the Man Hands series that I’ve read. These books can all be read as stand alone’s. This is the fourth book and I was not lost at all with what was going on. I’ve read the first book, Man Hands and then this. Even though I haven’t read the two in between these, it did not matter. Was not lost at all.

Meg and Mac are just coasting through life. Mac tried to be closed off with no emotion. When he had emotion in the past it burned him. He felt it was better to just be stoic. Until Meg came along, that is. Meg is a struggling actress who waitresses. She first met Mac at one of the places she worked. Even though it was an embarrassing mistake on her part, she just let it fly and continues on with her life. The two meet up again with the help of a plant. Yup...a plant!

I straight up laughed out loud in a few parts. Smiled the rest of the time. The things that Meg does yo Mac is just hilarious.

If you want a feel good book, than this is it!

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