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All children need to be encouraged and supported. In that aspect, my son was no different than me as a boy or any other child. He needed both parents, family, extended family, community, and friends to assist in his development. I as a man had failed to cooperate with people to provide all of those things for him for so long, but after that, I knew that I had to do it. I had to get along with everybody, no matter how much it hurt. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t going to do him like people had done me. When it was clearly known that he was in need, I didn’t turn a blind eye and act liked things would work out. Things don’t work out by themselves. Things, no matter if it’s everything or anything or sometimes nothing, don’t work out until we do whatever it takes to work them out. When life is left to chance, the only result will be disappointment. Even when people are confident in their abilities and extraneous forces influence the outcome of their endeavors, there can and will be something to do that will ensure success. The question is if a person is in trouble, do the people who love him respond? If he calls out for help, will his friends come to his aid in times of need? How many of us watch ourselves and others drown in figurative ways while we stand on the shores and justify it by claiming there is nothing we can do? How sad are we when things that we don’t expect to happen, do happen and then we find out that we could have done or not done something to prevent it? Man of the House, Inc. is a membership in a fraternity of men who have dedicated themselves to empowerment, improvement and success of the black household, from within.

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October 30
J. Stanford
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