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The adorable characters from Manga University's best-selling Manga Moods leap off the printed page and onto the screens of your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! It's an art class and a language lesson all rolled into one. And in full color!

A raised eyebrow, a curled lip, a wink of the eye. All it takes is a clever stroke of the G-pen to instantly change a manga character’s mood from one extreme to the other: glad to sad, sneaky to shy, angry to embarrassed. In Manga Moods: 40 Faces + 80 Phrases, Saori Takarai presents a series of full-color drawings to show just how these transformations take place.

In addition, each of the facial expressions is labeled with the English and Japanese words for the mood being, along with Japanese conversational phrases and their translations. The phrases are romanized for easy learning, and at the back of the book you’ll find handy charts of the hiragana phonetic alphabet that you can use to transcribe the romanized words into authentic Japanese writing.

Much more than a collection of cute characters, Manga Moods provides you a fresh new way of looking—and laughing—at life.

Comics & Graphic Novels
April 1
Japanime Co. Ltd.
Gregory Glenn Kardy

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Soul_Eater94 ,

It's really helpful

When will the second book be out?

Kimnikati ,

How to buy

I want to buy, and I have a gift card, can I buy it with my apple gift card

Tdtran1 ,

Manga Moods

OMG the book was get so many colors and while learning to draw I can also learn Japanese! 
I LOVED it!

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