Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb

Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb

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“Groueff, a Paris-Match reporter, was sponsored by The Reader’s Digest to write this prodigious account of the multiple efforts which went into the creation of the first atomic bomb between 1942 and 1945. The book is a history of the men involved, mainly; and Groves, the military commander, is obviously the author’s hero. Reading like the account of a hurdle race, the book charges into a discussion of a problem, then ‘finds’ and describes the man who bested it. Thus are described the building of Oak Ridge, Fermi’s atomic pile, the electromagnetic process, the crises over the barrier and the valves for the gaseous diffusion process, the last-minute decisions concerning the implosion process with plutonium. Groueff does convey well a scene of fantastic activity, where different solutions to one problem were worked on simultaneously, where industrial equipment came before scientific results were known, where the ‘impossible’ was achieved — in time. The material is fascinating, and the scientific information is well presented... [an] excellent overall view of a monumental project.” — Kirkus

“Groueff has for the first time given due recognition to some of the minor figures, particularly engineers and technicians, and has preserved in his pages much information that would otherwise perish with the participants or lie forever buried in the archives.” — Kendall Birr, The American Historical Review

“Groueff... covers the Manhattan Project from its beginning in 1942 to the bombing of Hiroshima... [he] concentrates on the engineering and industrial effort that went into producing the first atomic weapons... The result is a popular but responsible account, episodic in structure, rich in detail and human interest... for the first time a book aimed at the mass market gives engineers and industrialists their due. It is a great story of the almost incredibly complex task of translating theory into industrial and military reality.” — Oscar E. Anderson, Jr., Science

“So intriguing in fact and in style is the text of the narrative of this book that, once begun, it cannot be put down until the end... In these pages the names and roles of some of the world’s greatest scientists and engineers unfold in thrilling parade, with Dr. Vannevar Bush the leader. These men of vast knowledge and ability unite with the commercial managers and their companies mobilized by the hundreds for the construction and operation of the many facilities involved.” — Leo A. Codd, Ordnance

“Excellent... maintains a high degree of exciting suspense.” — Washington Star

“A fascinating account of a stupendous effort.” — Chicago Tribune

December 13
Plunkett Lake Press
Patrick Mehr

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