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We have called him a devil and quarantined him behind such labels as "the most dangerous man alive." But Charles Manson remains a shocking reminder of our own humanity gone awry. This astonishing book lays bare the life and the mind of a man whose acts have left us horrified. His story provides an enormous amount of new information about his life and how it led to the Tate-LaBianca murders, and reminds us of the complexity of the human condition. Born in the middle of the Depression to an unmarried fifteen-year-old, Manson lived through a bewildering succession of changing homes and substitute parents, until his mother finally asked the state authorities to assume his care when he was twelve. Regimented and often brutalized in juvenile homes, Manson became immersed in a life of petty theft, pimping, jail terms, and court appearances that culminated in seven years of prison. Released in 1967, he suddenly found himself in the world of hippies and flower children, a world that not only accepted him, but even glorified his anti-establishment values. It was a combination that led, for reasons only Charles Manson can fully explain, to tragedy. Manson's story, distilled from seven years of interviews and examinations of his correspondence, provides sobering insight into the making of a criminal mind, and a fascinating picture of the last years of the sixties. No one who wants to understand that time, and the man who helped to bring it to a horrifying conclusion, can miss reading this book. 

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Customer Reviews

Sbwkentucky ,


Incredible insight and story. Believe what you want but it's better to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

Alex&Georgie ,

In his own words...

Not sure I believe this to be Manson’s own words, but I do accept the premise that Manson wasn’t the genius that he’s been made out to be and that the media, ever looking to sensationalize for glory and profit sold this story in a way that was highly disingenuous. As a youth I fed into the myth; hook, line, and sinker, but now have the advantage of experience that has left me with little to no belief in most anything I don’t witness personally. Real life very rarely lives up to the hype. My memories I’m sure come from the made for television movie that I saw as a child. The charismatic dreamer that lived free, did as he pleased and everyone loved him. It’s what most of us long for. That freedom. The most powerful enticing thing you can have. Does it all really matter? Or is it just another act in a play that has run for too long. Another tale in the history of man and woman. I suppose the real question is will we ever find out or will the play end without meaning or reason.

PhilWHudson ,

Easy read

Book is easy to read and well written. I find it hard to believe at Manson wrote it. He presents a good case for himself.