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"All good arguments that are worth making are probably best contradicted at some later point".

The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing is a curious book, for unlike most writings on mindfulness, Tai Chi or oriental philosopy, this humble manual shows you how to move beyond the words on the page.

So many practices promise happiness, security, health, wisdom or enlightenment, but so few deliver. Yet, when you fuse together an ancient eastern practice with a thoroughly 21st century take - you create something beautifully intriguing and inspiringly new that encompasses so many of these qualities: Bean Curd Boxing.

Combining the simplicity of Tai Chi, the soft wisdom of the ancient sages and a tender light-hearted approach to learning, the Manual of Bean Curd Boxing shows you: 

* How to absorb the basics of these arts into your daily activities with no sweat and no stress
* How to remain tranquil and calm under the stress of daily encounters 
* How to perfect the ancient art of 'doing without doing' in order to softly Get Things Done 
* How to become a slow ninja amongst a planet of speed freaks 

"Relax, and let the 10.000 Things come together and suddenly ordinary moments become extraordinary, shapes emerge from the shadows of dust and a procession of tigers and tortoises, flamingos and ninjas all appear to come to our aid."

In a world of Information Overload, the Manual of Bean Curd Boxing offers an alternative source of wisdom: practical and original exercises for re-learning good posture, good breathing habits and building powerful new energy boosting habits.

Sports & Outdoors
November 23
Craving Distraction Ltd
Draft2Digital, LLC

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