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Learn how to configure, implement, enhance, and customize SAP OEE to address manufacturing performance management. Manufacturing Performance Management using SAP OEE will show you how to connect your business processes with your plant systems and how to integrate SAP OEE with ERP through standard workflows and shop floor systems for automated data collection.

Manufacturing Performance Management using SAP OEE is a must-have comprehensive guide to implementing SAP OEE. It will ensure that SAP consultants and users understand how SAP OEE can offer solutions for manufacturing performance management in process industries. With this book in hand, managing shop floor execution effectively will become easier than ever.

Authors Dipankar Saha and Mahalakshmi Symsunder, both SAP manufacturing solution experts, and Sumanta Chakraborty, product owner of SAP OEE, will explain execution and processing related concepts, manual and automatic data collection through the OEE Worker UI, and how to enhance and customize interfaces and dashboards for your specific purposes. You’ll learn how to capture and categorize production and loss data and use it effectively for root-cause analysis. In addition, this book will show you:
Various down-time handling scenarios. How to monitor, calculate, and define standard as well as industry-specific KPIs. How to carry out standard operational analytics for continuous improvement on the shop floor, at local plant level using MII and SAP Lumira, and also global consolidated analytics at corporation level using SAP HANA. Steps to benchmark manufacturing performance to compare similar manufacturing plants’ performance, leading to a more efficient and effective shop floor.
Manufacturing Performance Management using SAP OEE will provide you with in-depth coverage of SAP OEE and how to effectively leverage its features. This will allow you to efficiently manage the manufacturing process and to enhance the shop floor’s overall performance, making you the sought-after SAP OEE expert in the organization.

What You Will Learn
Configure your ERP OEE add-on to build your plant and global hierarchy and relevant master data and KPIsUse the SAP OEE standard integration (SAP OEEINT) to integrate your ECC and OEE system to establish bi-directional integration between the enterprise and the shop floorEnable your shop floor operator on the OEE Worker UI to handle shop floor production executionUse SAP OEE as a tool for measuring manufacturing performanceEnhance and customize SAP OEE to suit your specific requirements
Create local plant-based reporting using SAP Lumira and MIIUse standard SAP OEE HANA analyticsWho This Book Is For
SAP MII, ME, and OEE consultants and users who will implement and use the solution.

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June 7
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