Mao Zedong as Poet and Revolutionary Leader Mao Zedong as Poet and Revolutionary Leader

Mao Zedong as Poet and Revolutionary Leader

Social and Historical Perspectives

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Mao Zedong was not only a great strategist and politician but also a poet, a philosopher, and calligrapher. As early as the 1940s Mao's poetry was earning critical and popular acclaim. Mao Zedong as Poet and Revolutionary Leader makes all of Mao's extant poems available here for the first time in English. This comprehensive collection offers a unique portrait of Mao's contribution to modern China and his later frustration as he witnessed the country turning from his revolutionary path into a gigantic bureaucracy. Far from descending into mere hagiography, Chunhou Zhang and Edward Vaughan's work presents a balanced picture of Mao as an individual and as a military and political leader. These literal translations of Mao's poetry are framed by a commentary on the meaning, pattern, and style of the original texts—written in the classical style Mao forbade China's youth to emulate—and presented in the context of the social history of the time.

October 11
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Flashkube ,

I enjoyed this book immensely

It is surprising to me to discover what an excellent poet Mao was. It seems that he almost kept a diary of his life with poetry. The authors also present a very interesting biography of Mao to go along with the poems as they are written and this helped me to put everything into context. Mao is a fascinating person to learn about and I think here in the USA, at least, we have been mislead about him. Any intelligent person who grew up under the conditions of Mao at that time would have been a Marxist. One comes away feeling sympathetic. He really was trying to move China from a feudal type of system and out of extreme poverty. And he outfoxed terribly violent adversaries who killed his brothers and his second wife, who is legendary because she would not betray him.