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The Marathon is undoubtedly the majestic and attar ice. Millions of people all over the globe wish to participate in these splendid races.  This book serves as a guide for all those readers who are enthusiastic towards getting the training of running and want to be a prominent participant of Marathons and the half Marathons. We will pay consideration towards the chief informational and suggestive aspect of Marathon race and the significant elements of training which can facilitate your way towards a complete training package.

After reading this book the reader will surely get an outline for his plans of training and the ways he or she can precede the training in the effective direction. All elements are touched, although not in a detail yet in a comprehensive way tom elaborate it to the readers that what is the difference between an effective and an ineffective training of Marathons.

In the book we have not only discussed the major steps involved in the training of this highly attractive event of Marathon, but we have recommended some result oriented exercises, which can strengthen your body postures and muscle and make you ready for your dream races, the Marathons!

Here is on what we will concentrate in this book:

- The initial information regarding the sunning as a professional activity

- The background history and emergence of marathon as an event

- The classification of runners based on their expertise and aims of running

- The training perquisites for Marathons , as well as the half Marathons

- Major exercise for marathon runners.

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