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"Panty melting alphas who will stop at nothing to fight for what they want in and out of the cage."- USA Today Bestselling Author Terri Anne Browning

“Donaldson once again delivers a smoldering hot series that leaves me ready to fight for each of these couples to find their own Happily Ever After.” – USA Today Bestselling Author Chelsea Camaron

Lesson For Lox---I’m Lox Storm, I believe everything in life is some sort of lesson. One night with a stripper damn sure taught me one. Don’t EVER let a chick you barely know handcuff you to a hotel bed…No matter how hot she is. 

Lesson learned … maybe

Letting Lox In---Sloan Foster was an honor student in high school, she had big plans for herself. Then she had the earth shattering realization that dreams were just that…dreams. Now a struggling 25- year- old single mom, she works as a massage therapist and is determined to take care of her son, Sage, on her own.

Loxley Storm was raised by his mom, his dad was a dead beat he never knew. Growing up, he had anger issues and got into a lot of trouble for fighting. Thankfully, a man named Marco took him under his wing and helped him learn to control his anger by fighting…in the ring. Now 26, he is an MMA fighter working to become pro.

An injury in a fight lands Lox on Sloan’s massage table, where sparks fly and neither can deny the attraction. Will she let Lox in? Or will she let her past ruin her chances of finding love again?

In Sly’s Eyes---Kara Chambers plays by her own rules, she has since she graduated high school. One night, that’s all she ever gives. One night and she’d be able to get the sexiness, known as Sly Webb out of her system. No complications, no awkwardness, just one night. Yeah, right. 

Sylvester “Sly” Webb is living his dream, working full time at the gym for his surrogate father and now, a big MMA league wants to sign contracts with them. What else does he need?

Until meeting Kara for the first time, she threw him for a loop. All of that voluptuous sassiness made his head swim. Then she came to his fight and followed him home, but what happened next was something he thinks he’ll never understand. Now, he can’t get her out of his head. In his eyes she’s perfect, but how can he prove that to her?

Holding Huck’s Heart---Huckleberry “Huck” Webb cares only about the two F’s in life – fighting and being the man-whore he is you can figure out the other. As an up and coming celebrity in the MMA world, he can have all the women he wants, no strings attached. And he does.

Chelsea Harmon is the good girl in a mess. She lived her life under the long arm of the law, her detective father. She couldn’t wait to escape. The big world out there was hers for the taking. Only if something is too good to be true, it usually is. The good girl finds herself in a very bad situation with a very powerful and wealthy man.

Everything changes for them both when Chelsea gets the call to come home. What happens when two complete opposites find themselves together once more? Can Huck handle Chelsea’s past? Can Chelsea face it all and come out on the other side? After walking away once before, can Huck forgive the girl who always held his heart?

November 15
S.M. Donaldson
Cindy Suzanne Morris-Donaldson

Customer Reviews

cice0809 ,


I loved the dynamic of this “unconventional family” and the books had good storylines. However, 3 must be the author’s favorite number.. the number is mentioned a lot, especially when the guys always “pound into her three more times”

paigelikeabook ,

I Tried

I really tried & wanted to like this but I can't 😔

I couldn't make it through 10 chapters of the first book. The dialogue is stilted & robotic. It doesn't sound like conversation between real people. There's no feeling, no emotion. It's also really amateur writing. It has good premise but it's not well executed ☹️

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