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In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

In a world gone to hell, Elle Milton—once the darling of the Sydney social scene—has carved a role for herself as the communications officer for the toughest commando team fighting for humanity’s survival—Hell Squad. It’s her chance to make a difference and make up for horrible past mistakes…despite the fact that its battle-hardened commander never wanted her on his team.

When Hell Squad is tasked with destroying a strategic alien facility, Elle knows they need her skills in the field. But first she must go head to head with Marcus Steele and convince him she won’t be a liability.

Marcus Steele is a warrior through and through. He fights to protect the innocent and give the human race a chance to survive. And that includes the beautiful, gutsy Elle who twists him up inside with a single look. The last thing he wants is to take her into a warzone, but soon they are thrown together battling both the alien invaders and their overwhelming attraction. And Marcus will learn just how much he’ll sacrifice to keep her safe.

April 19
Anna Hackett
Smashwords, Inc.

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MsRomanticReads ,

Great action scenes and characters. A few errors, but nothing major.

Tags: Sci-Fi Romance, Post Apocalyptic, Aliens, Friends to Lovers, Standalone, No Cliffhanger

Marcus Steele was the perfect hero to introduce the story and his team, Squad Six aka Hell Squad. Before the invasion he led a United Coalition Marine Force Recon team. A failed mission to rescue hostages left him plagued with regret and guilt. Despite that tragedy, he got up every day determined to do better, to give any survivors a chance at rebuilding their lives. He was the ultimate leader, putting his group and everyone else before himself. And though he was a bit of a rebel with a reputation for disobeying orders, he was never reckless.

Elle Milton used to be shallow, self-absorbed, and a party girl. Then the aliens came and slaughtered her family while she hid in fear. After that day, Elle became a completely different person. She proved herself by learning as much as she could, and eventually won Marcus’s approval to become Hell Squad’s comms officer. She had a great camaraderie going with the rest of Hell Squad. I liked her a lot because she was not easily intimidated, she was courageous and a quick-thinker.

Marcus and Elle were a great match. I liked that there was a foundation of friendship, admiration and respect for the romance to build upon. The gradual path in that direction felt natural and not borne just out of lust or opportunity. Marcus was protective of Elle, but it was nice to see him voice his concerns maybe once or twice then drop it. He didn’t coddle her, or go all alpha on her. The moments where he voiced how proud he was of her were actually sweet. There were two pretty hot sex scenes and two short ones that sort of tapered off at the end of a chapter.

The best thing about this story was the action and suspense. Hell Squad was constantly on the move. Ms. Hackett did a great job with the world building and action scenes. I had no trouble picturing what was being described. The scenes were descriptive and often bloody, and I’m glad they weren’t glossed over or left up to our imagination. Even though there were quite a few side characters introduced, they were woven into the story seamlessly so the reader wouldn’t have problems remembering them or telling them apart. Some characters were subtly set up for future books.

There were five noticeable errors like a missing or misspelt word. Also, nowhere was it mentioned what year the story was set in. If I hadn’t discovered the book trailer, I would never have guessed it was 2120. Also, the United Coalition was mentioned several times, but it was never properly explained. I finally found out in the fourth book. Overall, I’m thoroughly hooked on this series because the plot is exactly what I gravitate towards in this genre.

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