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Made for those who find themselves drowning in clutter, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is a must have. What makes this book special is that it delivers a whole new approach called the KonMari method when decluttering, arranging and storing items at home.

Author, Marie Kondo, is a Japanese cleaning expert that takes organizing and tidying seriously. Unlike regular cleaning books where it's recommended to tackle clutter on a room-by-room basis, Kondo's self-developed and self-dubbed KonMari method deals with clutter using a category scheme.

And it's effective according to the author, as so far, none of her clients have relapsed. The power of her method also speaks volumes as currently she's on a 3-month wait list.

Guiding readers all the way, the KonMari Method helps tidiers find items that "spark joy" in their lives. These "joy-sparking" items are to be kept while the rest are let go.

An international bestseller, this book will help readers clear all of the clutter they have. It can even help them find magic and most importantly, peace of mind in having a tidy home.

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January 31
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Kuckinniwi ,

Not worth half the cost of the book

Felt mislead by the cover as even though it does say summary. If you are searching by author and this book comes up in the search you may think it is by the author, rather than a review of the book.

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