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Marilyn Monroe was a true icon and an inspiration for many women in the entertainment industry. What she went through was quite phenomenal, because most women in Hollywood at that time were discriminated and did not receive an equal pay like men. Marilyn fought for her own rights with big production companies and won. She paved the way for many women who want to become successful actresses in the industry.

This biography will explore her life in detail. You'll learn a lot about how she behaved on sets, her disappointments in personal and business life and major successes. You'll discover what does it take to succeed in Hollywood and how Marilyn manipulated men to progress in her career. She had an unfair advantage that slowly brought an enormous fame and admiration.

However, Marilyn Monroe was a prisoner of her own talents. She had multiple marriages that ended and brought a lot of disaster into her life. Hollywood companies tried to take advantage of her. She had many conflicts with movie producers and directors because of the way she worked. Despite all that, she was able to bring mesmerizing performances and people loved what she was doing on movies.

Marilyn Monroe was a very sensitive woman. This sensitivity became her greatest nightmare as she was not able to handle certain opportunities in life all by herself. You'll discover her drug addictions to cope with stress, insecurities and problems with husbands. She was not 100% what you see on the TV screen. There are some secrets of her life most people do not know about. Not until now!
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