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David Morrell isn’t only an acclaimed thriller author. He’s also a former professor of American Studies who writes in-depth profiles about film and music legends.

Few movie stars made as great an impact as Marilyn Monroe. Although she died in 1962, a half century later she remains vivid in popular culture, even to those who have never seen her films. Two of the men she married—Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller—themselves made a powerful cultural impact. In this moving essay, bestselling author David Morrell analyses Monroe’s poignant life, which had more significance than any movie in which she appeared. Even her most knowledgeable fans will find something new in this in-depth homage to a star whose luster outshone her films.

Biographies & Memoirs
April 11
David Morrell
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Tia1213 ,


This is horrible. Imm only on page 20 and half it isn't true. Her mother did not give her away cause she was too busy with parties and boys it was because she didn't have the money to support her. And it wasn't thaat Grace and Doc didn't want to take Norma Jean along on the move, it was that Gladys still had custody of her and they weren't allowed to bring her along. Norma Jean would have moved back in with Grace's aunt Ana Lower but she was getting too old. And lastly Jim Dougherty was already in love with Norma Jean! He had been since the day he gave Norma Jean and Bebe a ride to school. Therefore it was not reluctantly that he married her!! He actually wanted to! This is horrible and is mis- information. And I would give it a 0 star rating but it says I have to rate it.

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