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US Marine, Colin McKinnon, fell in love with Emily in high school, but when he elected to join the Marine Corps, Emily chose to marry Colin’s best friend, Alex, preferring a safe and secure life. Brokenhearted but resolute, at their wedding, Colin promised Alex he’d take care of Emily if anything ever happened to Alex. 

Though Emily loved Colin more, she married Alex, one of her best friends. She couldn’t abide the heartache of Colin marching into harm’s way. Alex was the safe choice with a career in accounting. When someone runs their car off the road, Alex is killed, and Emily miscarries their baby. In her search for answers to who would want them dead, Emily realizes Alex was into something deeper than simple accounting. Her search for the truth, lands her in danger. Colin, on leave to search for his missing father, remembers his promise to Alex and is set on keeping Emily safe. Together, they unravel the mystery of who wanted Alex dead. In the process, they rediscover the love they never forgot, and uncover another clue in the quest to find Colin’s missing father. 

November 19
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777sails ,

Marine's Promise

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I adore the Iron Horse Legacy Series. Duncan McKinnon went missing several weeks ago. Since then, his sons have taken leave of their military assignments and come home to help search for him. This is the third book of this series.

Colin McKinnon has gone to Bozeman as the latest clue in the patriarch's disappearance is his ring was pawned by a blonde woman with a unicorn tattoo on her wrist. Taking a break in the search, he goes to his favorite tavern for a beer. A woman runs into the tavern and straight into him. Seconds later, her vehicle comes crashing through the wall!! The woman turns out to be his best friend growing up. Colin, Emily along with Alex Tremont were so close that they were considered to be the Three Musketeers. Unfortunately Emily couldn't accept Colin's decision to join the Marines after high school and married Alex instead. Now 10 years later, Emily is being chased by someone who possibly murdered Alex 3 months ago.

The story of Colin and Emily's HEA is one that is filled with suspense and mystery. Why was Alex murdered also still where is Duncan McKinnon?

The story is written in a dual POV format, which is my favorite. Getting into the characters' mind really helps me to fully understand them better. Especially in this instance with Emily marrying Alex and not Colin. I could see the chemistry right from the beginning with these two so I really wanted to understand Emily's decision.

The McKinnon family along with Hank Patterson and his wife (from the author's series, Brotherhood Protector) make appearances as well.

The plot was well written and flowed beautifully. I was able to read this story in an afternoon. While this story can be read as a stand-alone, I highly suggest that anyone start at the beginning.

This book has a sexy scene that is well written and doesn't go into multiple page after page of explicit detail so it is not erotica by any mean. That being said, this is not a sweet, clean second chance romance. I highly suggest that anyone OVER the 18 can read this especially if you adore military men and love a strong female but with a good head on her shoulders.

Jen G F ,

Marine’s Promise

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Marine’s Promise is book 3 in the Iron Horse Legacy series by Elle James and while each story is a standalone it has an inner twinning story that continue as a cliffhanger but more clues are arising...

Colin, Emily and Alex were known as the Three Musketeers, always together but life took Colin McKinnon to the Military and away from the girl he fell in love with, Emily and Alex Tremont to the altar. With Alex asking Colin to watch over Emily should anything ever happen to him. Little do they know that life, circumstances and fate will play a large part in their lives later down the road...now 10 yrs later...Alex is murdered, Emily loses her baby and Colin is back home searching for his missing father...but there is more here than meets the eye...

Murder, secrets, mystery, threats, hope for finding the Senior McKinnon and second chances at a HEA...can’t wait for the next book!

Cheryl SDS ,

Fantastic characters!

This is book 3 in the Iron Horse Legacy series and it features Emily and Colin. When they were younger, Emily, Colin and Alex had been the three musketeers. Emily ended up marrying Alex because he was the safer choice since Colin had joined the Marines. Ten years later, Alex is dead and someone is after Emily. Colin is home on leave, searching for his kidnapped father. These two literally run into each other as Emily is trying to escape certain death. Colin wants to help her and show her why they belong together. Emily seems too headstrong. She doesn’t need anybody because she can take care of herself. She’s so adamant about it that it almost takes away a little of her femininity.

The story line is good. The romance was fantastic and the characters were great. Ultimately the reasons for the suspense were confusing and a little weak. It played out great In the end but should have been for stronger, more important reasons.

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